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Eden’s Corner is a community of like-minded individuals who believe that health education and resources should be accessible to everyone.


We’re an education site. But not just any education site; we’re a networking site committed to offering you the latest research from scientists, physicians, nutritionists, and others in the holistic health community.


As health-minded individuals walking the same path toward health freedom, we know how difficult it can be to access accurate lifesaving wellness information. It is this global need that inspired the creation of Eden’s Corner.


While we’d love to share only the “good stuff” with you, we know that without the complete picture, your health freedom is virtually impossible.

To learn more, read What You Won’t Learn on Television or From Your Doctor, at the bottom of this page.

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Finding excellent resources can be challenging in today’s busy and complex world.


With the help of our trusted experts,

we’ve found the best health and wellness products to assist in your wellness journey.


Everything from the healthiest cookbooks, to water filtration systems, health specific supplements for heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss, juicers, supplements for kids and pets, natural pain relief, personal care, nutrition education and personal development.

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Every time you choose soda, sport drinks, and sugary juices over water you are creating disease. What nutrient is often mistaken for hunger?

When you can’t get your Vitamin D from the sun, tanning beds are a good alternative. No, they don’t cause cancer and studies show…

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What You Won’t Learn on Television or From Your Doctor

Sign of Our Times

In America, corporations dominate virtually every consumer product.

Every day the U.S. Chemical Council puts our lives at risk.

Its main objective: Profit. Equally important to their interests is having a source to eliminate toxic waste such as fluoride from the fertilizer and aluminum industries. By disposing of waste in consumer products, industries avoid costly litigation due to environmental pollution and health issues. 


Successful Media Propaganda

The chemical industry has subliminally influenced the public (for over a hundred years) to believe their products to be safe and necessary.

To our detriment, there is no regulation in government.  Learn what you can do to recognize these often-deadly chemicals and protect yourself and your family.


Safeguard Your Pet

If you have a pet family head on over to Happy Pets. As a caring pet guardian, you’ll definitely want to know what we discovered about commercial pet food, pet vaccines, and more.

Our pet family is being poisoned by chemical industries, too!


Cornerstones of Healthy Living


Diet & Lifestyle is the Foundation of Your Health & Wellness 

The food you eat can feed disease or good health. Knowing what foods to choose, in addition to recipes, resources & nutrition education are crucial to your wellness freedom.


Minding your Mind & Body

Mastering your mind is essential to living a life that supports positive well-being. You’ll find a plethora of articles that address thought (in our inspiration and meditation pages) and how crucial it is to “mind your mind.” Every thought you have creates an action in your life. Most importantly, how you are feeling, will affect every decision you make regarding health and well-being.

Self-care & exercise is crucial to healthy living. Visit our Yoga & Bodywork section for tips and inspiration to keep your body young and healthy.


Nurture Your Soul

You are a human being having a spiritual experience. Getting to know the real you, your spiritual self, will guarantee you happiness as you follow your soul’s desire and live a purpose-driven life.  



Here at Eden’s Corner you’ll find hundreds of articles and resources to guide, educate and inspire you on your wellness journey.


Welcome to the Wellness Revolution!

~ Reni & Rick


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