Woman on beach stretching and warming up. Exercise: Getting Started

Yoga Beginner’s Session 2


Session 2


Please remember to stretch your body well prior to your workout, preferably before you get out of bed in the morning. Body awareness is key to good health and well-being.


As you get more and more limber stay in the poses longer and challenge yourself a bit. Soreness is expected if you’re not used to exercising certain muscles, pain is not. Be mindful of your breathing.


Practice these warm-ups from session 1 for several minutes before starting your workout. 

Leg Lift Squeeze

Reni Leg Lift Squeeze. Yoga Beginner's Session 2

Standing Stretch:

Reni Standing Stretch.



Stand with legs approx. 2' apart.


Inhale a nice deep breath through your nose as you raise your arms gracefully, level with your shoulders. Palms facing down.     

Bend slowly to the left as you slowly exhale and bring your right arm over your head and your left hand to sit just above the side of your knee. Keep your knees straight if possible.


Let your head hang down and relax your neck muscles. Hold for the count of 10 if you are comfortable.


Inhale and slowly come up to standing and exhale bringing your arms down to your sides.


Repeat on the other side.

Reni Triangle.

Chest Expansion

Stand with your feet close together.


Nice straight posture with your arms at your sides.


Inhale slowly and gently as you bring your arms in a wide circle in front of you. Palms face outward.


Exhale and slowly bring arms behind you and interlace fingers or clasp hands.


Inhale while you gently and very slowly bend backwards just a few inches if you are new to yoga.


Hold posture for 5-10 seconds. Keep breathing. Listen to your body. Inhale a deep cleansing breath.


Exhale and slowly bend forward. Visualize energy and strength in your body. Hold for 10-20 seconds.


Slowly straighten to an upright position. Unclasp hands and relax.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.
Reni Chest Expansion
Reni Chest Expansion

Eagle Pose

Sit comfortably on the floor.


Bring your arms in front of you and bend them. Palms toward your body.


Place your right elbow inside your left elbow bring your hands together palms touching.


Your hands should be aligned with your center across from your face.


Breathe in long deep breaths. Feel the stretch in your arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.


Hold this position for several moments.


Repeat with other side. 

Reni Eagle Pose

Spinal Twist

Sit on your mat with knees close to your chest.


Extend your right leg out in front of you.


Bring your left leg over your right. Your foot should be parallel with your knee.


Keep breathing and feeling the sensations in your body.


Place your right hand or arm around the front of your left leg just below your knee.


Inhale and bring your left arm behind you and place your hand on your mat, approx. 6" from your body.


Exhale and slowly turn your head to the left and look over your shoulder.


Observe the sensations in your body. Keep breathing. Repeat with your other side.

Reni Spinal Twist

Child’s Pose

Sit back on your heels.


Lean down and place your forehead on your mat.


Hands are by your feet and palms are facing upward.


Breathe in long breaths of energizing air.


You feel lighter as you relax and listen to your body.


Rest in this pose after several asanas.

Reni Child’s Pose

Knee & Thigh Stretch

Sit on your mat.


Bend your knees.


Put the soles of your feet together and bring them slowly toward your body as close as

you comfortably can.


Using your hands and thigh muscles, bring your knees to the floor.


Hold posture for several moments.


Be mindful of your breath. Relax. Repeat posture.


Relax and extend legs out in front of you.


Shake them out if you desire.

Reni Knee and Thigh Stretch


Get down on your mat like a dog or cat.


Knees are below your hips.


Hands and wrists below your shoulders.


Breathe in a deep breath and look out away from you.


Slowly exhale as you bring your head down and your back up to the ceiling.


Hold your breath as you arch your back drawing your stomach muscles in toward your spine.


Hold posture for several moments until you feel the need to take a breath.


Inhale as you slowly come down. Repeat several times.


This is very useful in the morning to stretch out your back and neck.


You can do this in bed before rising. 

Reni showing the Cat pose

Downward Dog  

From the cat position, bring your hands away from your body.


Stretch your fingers wide.


Inhale and bring your hips up off the floor toward the ceiling. Melt your heart into the earth. 


Stretch away from your hands and wrists, and pull your hips up to the sky. 


Let your head hang down.


Hold and continue breathing. Be mindful of your body.


Assume this posture for several moments if you feel comfortable.


Slowly come down to your mat, knees on the floor. Sink back on your heels. 

Reni showing Downward Dog pose


Lie down on your mat.


Forehead on the floor, arms by your sides, palms upward.




Breathe out slowly.


Take a nice deep breath in and bring your hands alongside your body next to your chest.


Slowly raise your head, neck, shoulders and chest off the floor. Pull your shoulder blades down and together.


Continue breathing long, gentle breaths holding your upper body off the floor.


Keep your hips and legs on the floor. Breathe slowly and quietly for 15-30 seconds. Come down on an exhale and relax.

Reni showing how Cobra pose

Forward Bend (Sitting Pose)

Sit on your mat with your legs extended in front of you.


Inhale and bring your arms up over your head.


Exhale and slowly bring your arms and upper body down toward your legs.


Grasp your knees, calves, ankles or feet.


Whichever is comfortable for you.


Breathe and feel your body.


Feel the stretch in your thighs and back as you hold this posture.


Hold for several moments.

Reni showing how Forward Bend pose

Corpse Pose

Lie on your back with your feet about 12 inches apart.


Your arms are away from your body with palms up.


Close your eyes. Your head and neck are comfortable.


Listen to some nice meditation music as you empty your mind of all thoughts and feel sensations in your body.


Practice daily or as often as you can.


With practice you will adopt yoga as a habit.


The more you care for yourself the better you will feel.


One day you will not want to start your day without your yoga.


During the day you can realign your body and practice some meditation to get centered and

stay balanced.

Reni and the Corpse Pose

Having made the body a fit habitation for the soul; the wise one discards the worn out sheaths of desire and passes into the stage of enlightenment.

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