Nurture, beautiful lake, girls forearm with a tattoo of compassion tattooed. Wounded.


Wounds and Emotional Scars

Wounded people carry emotional scars. Wounds cut deep from abandonment, neglect and abuse. The human psyche is delicate and needs love, praise and encouragement. When a child is wounded he/she grows up to be a sad, often angry adult.

Older woman looking out a window with a wounded and sad look on her face.

It can be challenging to overlook or forgive someone that has been mean to you. What we need to remember is that other’s anger is not about you. And how you react to someone’s behavior is a reflection of your own sense of self.


You can control your thoughts and emotions by practicing a few easy exercises. You’ll feel better and they will too.

"Holding Onto Anger Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting The Other Person To Die."



Every time you meet someone in passing or during an engagement, see the light of their spirit. You can say, “Namaste,” which means, I honor your spirit.


I like to visualize pure, white light coming from my heart to those I meet and returning back to my own. I look into their eyes beyond any sadness or fear and see and feel the Love of God. You may have to work at it a bit, especially if the person is attempting to offend your ego. Remember, the more wounded a person is the meaner or angrier they may appear.

Their negative emotions are not about you.

So why take it personal? Being a conscious, present moment thinker will make this a lot easier and fun.

See unhappy, “difficult” people as little children.

Know that as children they were once carefree but have been wounded by neglect and abuse. See them with joyful hearts: laughing, smiling and playing.


Endeavor to be friendly at all times when you are out among “strangers.”


I like to shop where the store clerks are happy, friendly people. To be greeted with a smile and conversation is welcoming and inspires my return. There have been occasions where the clerks seem unhappy, impatient and downright surly, with their forced smiles. Knowing that their behavior was not about me

(we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are)

I turned it into a “love game” where I would do everything I could think of to get them to smile and talk with me. It once took me almost a year to develop a peaceful relationship with a clerk. I sometimes had to wheel and deal with my ego as it was trying to talk me out of facing her. Fortunately, my patience and love paid off.

See unhappy,


people as little children.


Everyone needs to feel needed and loved. It is so worth the time it takes to connect to someone’s heart. Try these tips whenever you have the opportunity.


See unfriendly adults as children: precious and innocent. Repeat to them (in your mind), “You are loved, you are loved.” Smile and give a genuine compliment.


Treat everyone as if they were your children, a part of your family for indeed they are family, God’s family, humanity.



When We Give To Others, We Give To Ourselves


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