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Why Meditation May Not Work for You

How To and Whys of Meditation

You’ve heard the buzz. 

Meditation makes you smarter,

more peaceful and dare I say it, in this crazy, fast paced world, could it actually give us more “patience?” Sounds too good to be true. Why then are millions doing it?


I’ve been a meditator for years and I can tell you this, I’ve been one step away from crazy more times than I care to admit. Now let me back up just a bit. Times in my life, oh yes, there have been a few, I have regressed. I have put my practice aside and faced the lessons of life like a ship in a storm without a compass. Hard lessons, but in the end I survived and always went back to meditating.


Since I’ve talked quite a bit on Eden’s Corner about the How to and Whys of meditating, I’d like to share

“Why Meditation May Not Work for You.”

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Reasons Meditation May Not Work For You

First of all, we know that many, but not all, spiritual leaders meditate. This brings me to the first reason it may not work for you.

#1. You are a highly evolved individual and have reached a spiritual level that makes meditation unnecessary.


#2. This is the biggest one for about 99.9% of the global population; you’re just not ready. You’re stuck in your beliefs that life needs to be a struggle. You feel it’s hard, and just a lot of work to eek 

out an existence. Your frantic life drives you to overeat, buy stuff you don’t need and basically complain to anyone who will listen.


You haven’t transcended to the level where you know you’re a spiritual being. You think you’re just a meat suit; at odds with everything and everyone, especially yourself. Living by default, you create the same boring, drama and crisis filled day, with fleeting moments of happiness sprinkled in. Your ego has taken you hostage and your life is the result of your fears, doubts and self-limitations.

Okay, maybe that isn’t you exactly.

You’re aware that you are more than just a body and a brain (fueled by the fearful ego). You’re doing your best to get healthy, help others and pitch in to help the world. But something is missing.

You feel an urgency to get it all done now! As if some impending disaster is about to happen if you don’t hurry, or accomplish enough stuff. I know. I’ve been there. I was there for a long time, and it’s exhausting. How can you feel peaceful with your mind full of to dos with no end in sight?




Relax. Your obsessions, compulsions, and any other “dis-order” can be fixed. Maybe fixed isn’t the word, it implies something is broken or wrong. You are far from broken. You are a beautiful spirit, doing your best.

Woman in a field of flower

However, you have forgotten you were born with gifts to offer the world and your purpose as a spiritual being is to love and be loved. And this exchange of love and caring for others brings you to your bliss; your purpose, your reason for being on this beautiful planet.

May your life be an expression of the beautiful Soul that resides within You.


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