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Why Cats Have a Drinking Problem

I learned the hard way. Several visits to the emergency room, vet bills, anguish and grief… Cats need LOTS of water to stay healthy.


It was so easy to put a bowl of dry food down. In the early days there weren’t many choices. Cat and dog specialty stores didn’t exist. We were left with the garbage, and I do mean garbage, disguised as 100% complete cat food. We all bought it. Brainwashed by the maya of consumer propaganda.

Cats & Drinking Water. Cat laying on 911 in yellow pages.

After the second time my beloved Aries boy was close to death, his fate took a turn. A new town, a new vet and new answers to the urinary tract infection that had plagued him for almost 3 years. The vet suggested we try a canned food available through her clinic and within weeks he was like a young kitten. He lived a long wonderful life; several months shy of his 20th birthday.


In the wild a cat would never cook his food or eat chicken meal. Cat’s hunt their food which is approximately 70% water. They are designed by nature to drink with their food. About 2,286 laps per day! You’ll never see a cat drink that much in a day. Give your cat pure filtered or distilled water. Chemicals in tap water harm not only you, but your beloved pets as well.


Experts agree and cat owners can attest to the power of a raw food diet. Fortunately, for the squeamish out there, freeze-dried raw food is available at quality pet food suppliers. If you live in Western Washington, visit your local Mudbay store. The associates (Muddies) are quite knowledgeable and will help you find a brand your cat will love. Specialty pet food stores are quite popular these days and you should be able to find one in your area.

Cats, and all animals for that matter, are like people; we need wholesome diets to not only survive, but thrive. You deserve the best, why not give your pet friend the same? You’ll be money ahead. Fewer medical bills, and no need to suffer with pain or illness. Best of all you’ll have many happy, healthy years together.




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