Who is the Fringe Dweller?  by Eden's Corner

Who is the Fringe Dweller?

Desire to Improve

From their authentic, “true self,” the Fringe Dweller aspires to a higher level of being. Transcending ego/fear; their beliefs, values and opinions are influenced and guided by love/God.

From a higher state of consciousness, the Fringe Dweller perceives the external world as a reflection of their own internal world, or reality.


The Fringe Dweller does not live a false life of illusion. They are well aware that negative forces exist, however, they observe these forces objectively; without judgment, without anger, and without attempting to change them.

Who is the Fringe Dweller? by Eden's Corner

As a spiritual being, they are aware of the inner power and strength that drives, inspires and educates them in each moment of every day. Daily life revolves around the desire to improve the mind, body and spirit. As a sentient being, the Fringe Dweller considers the contribution to others’ welfare as well.


Always conscious of the “self,” the Fringe Dweller endeavors to be “in the world, but not of it.” That is to say, the Fringe Dweller lives in a world of freedom where thoughts are their own and not that of the mass consciousness.


The masses are not aware that their thoughts and actions are unconsciously driven by an invisible government of individuals whose agenda and sole purpose is to profit by exploiting the unconscious public mind with offerings of artificial food, toxic patent drugs, and other harmful commercial products. 


Naïvely, the masses, 

one by one follow each other 

to live out a life of unexpressed joy and creativity. Complaining and defending their judgments of themselves and others; they become frustrated and unhappy, resolving themselves to an existence that thrives on mental drama and tragedy, eventually succumbing to physical pain and disease.   


The majority of humanity is herded like sheep “into the fold” that threatens (and often succeeds) to destroy a way of life that will lead to joy, love and abundance.


Most of the world, as a part of this mass consciousness is asleep. Like sleepwalkers in a matrix, their sense of self has been poisoned. The effects of this poison exist in the fear (and destruction) displayed for humanity, the earth, and God. Fear blocks the spirit, the “inner self,” and ultimately destroys happiness. Love and fear are diametrically opposed and cannot exist together.


Living in a dream state where choices do not seem to exist, does not appeal to the Fringe Dweller. Because they live from the “inner self,” the 

Fringe Dweller creates their own reality.



They are unbounded by beliefs that have been imposed by a society that values rigid conformity. Albeit independent of the good opinion of others, they respect others’ beliefs regardless of what they are.


The Fringe Dweller is not a perfected human being, but is constantly evolving and striving for excellence.


There is no way to enlightenment, enlightenment is the way.


Stuart Wilde - www.stuartwilde.com



Into the Fold- An informal term often used to suggest bringing someone into a group for a specific purpose


Invisible Government- A government controlled by a person or an agency holding no official position and usually unknown to the public merriam-webster.com


Masses- Collective public mind


Matrix- Informal term used to describe the masses living in a dream state; unaware of the reality of their environment

Inherently Aware

Fringe Dwellers are inherently aware. In order to understand the system of subliminal programming and control- and even more so, how to escape the matrix- you have to understand the power of subliminal suggestion. The world is full of dark and negative subliminal suggestions designed to influence your attitudes and inner feelings. This brainwashing is designed to influence your conscious and subconscious mind.


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