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Who Am I, Why Am I Here?

Why Is it Most of Us Are Unhappy?


If you’ve questioned your existence, you’re not alone. Everyone knows on some level that life should have a reason, a purpose, and it should make us happy.

Who Am I- Why Am I Here. Woman looking back at herself in a mirror.

Why is it most of us are unhappy? We’re busy, but we’re not doing the things that we really want to do. Why is that?

Perhaps because we think we’re just a meat suit walking around serving our time and believe we’re just not lucky, smart enough or in the right place at the right time to be lucky or rich or happy…

Have you ever stopped to think that you may be more than a physical body? Have you ever peered into your eyes and asked, “Who am I, why am I here?”

At the young age of 12, I asked those words. I was desperate to know, “Who am I, why was I born into this crazy world?”

We are sacred beings and it is our natural state to be in blissful ecstasy.

I thought if I stared long enough I’d receive the answer. Life didn’t make sense. On occasion I would see glimpses of my soul looking back at me, yet my fearful ego would not permit me to see the good beyond my appearance. 

I wanted to be a boy. I thought I would fare better in this male-dominated society that gave boys more freedom and opportunities. I grew up in the tumultuous times of the sixties.  I was listening to everything, well, what I could glean from television, newspapers, magazines and relatives that occasionally strayed to San Francisco’s Haight/Ashbury District. 

Women marching, who am I, Why am I Here.

Feeling Proud

Despite the feminist movement that was strong in the 60's & 70's, it took me decades to feel proud of being a woman and even admitting that I was one! Not feeling loved, safe or secure as a child created a frightening illusion of separateness within me. I felt alone, distanced from everyone and everything. It was at this moment in my life that I began my “conscious” addictions.


My addictions kept me in a state of confusion, another “artificial” survival mechanism of the ego. I hid within my Self, fearful that others would see who I was even though I didn’t have a clue!

“The extent of the human enigma stems from self-perplexity.

Self-perception determines our perception of others.

We are what we see.”


It wasn’t until I attended life enhancement seminars and workshops decades later that I realized it was safe to connect to others; to ask for help and support. I am so fortunate and grateful to have met some very kind and giving people that helped me change my life forever. With their love and encouragement, I got a glimpse of Who I am and Who I can be.

We are all beautiful spiritual beings.  As a creation of God we are perfect, loving, powerful, creative, and forever re-creating ourselves. Your job, is to know this and to live it. From this realization you will discover why you are here and who you really are. As you work on you and your re-creation of yourself, you will find your life’s mission, your purpose. You will see that you are constantly changing, learning, and renewing your Self.


If you’re feeling impatient because things aren’t moving fast enough, just keep in mind that infinite patience brings immediate results. Being patient and calm brings your desires to you. Worry, impatience, and frustration bring you only more of the same. They do not get you closer to your life’s purpose and can actually delay your happiness.



Take time every day to meditate and connect with your source. If you do not know what you want to do with your life ask, “What do I want?” or, “Dear God, please show me why I am here, how may I serve?” Think of a time that you felt peaceful and extremely happy. Your answer is probably there.

We are all sacred beings, here to love and be loved. We are gifted with talents. We all possess innate talents. Blessed are those that discover their gifts early in life and do not hesitate to express them to the world. At times we may feel an intuitive sense of why we are here yet we let our egos frighten us, listening to the lies that tell us we’ll fail or we aren’t good enough or smart enough. Frequently we ignore our higher calling as we eek out an existence that merely scratches at the potential of who and what we can be.


Without a sense of purpose, we go through life feeling frustrated and unfulfilled; stumbling from one mundane job to the next. If we are fortunate, we realize our life’s calling and “wake up” before the days pass into years.

Woman meditating in a field, Who Am I, Why Am I Here?
Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

I’ve had jobs that did not utilize my full potential, and as I became more enlightened and aware, I saw that everything is as it should be and I looked for the good in each one. I endeavored to learn why I was there and to connect with each soul I came into contact with. I learned that even an act of sweeping can be made sacred. I saw my job as an honor and I knew I was there for a grander reason than even I could imagine.


It is the feeling of not being connected to God (your higher power) that causes the mind to be fearful, therefore your spirit is not directing your actions. The ego is at the helm telling you why you shouldn’t or can’t do something.  

When we are aware and mindful of our thoughts we will make choices that actually serve us in a positive way. Living by default, on auto-pilot each day leads to a life without purpose. We tend to spiral downward without direction or goals.


Here’s an example:

You wake up, stretch, lumber to the bathroom. Meanwhile you feel the aches and pains of the garbage you ate yesterday (that’s called inflammation). Instead of saying, “Thank you God for this day,” you mumble,

“Oh, God, not another day.”

Do you see how your very thoughts can create a day or lifetime of misery? Be aware of every moment. It takes time, I know. I did the negative thought thing for years. Slowly I woke up. My motivation? Pain. I experienced pain that brought me to my knees. You know what I did when I was down? Yes, I prayed.


Pain was my motivation. Slowly I began waking up. A few months later I was invited to speak to a psychology class on the topic of Motivation.


Hmm, I thought,

“What makes one motivated to do anything?”

After pondering this for a while and eliminating the obvious like hunger and other basic needs, I thought, “It is pain or pleasure that we seek.” Positive, self- loving people seek rewards (working a job they enjoy), while negative, fearful people seek punishment (working a job they despise). When we do not follow our dreams it is often because we think we will fail.  Therefore, we are doomed to fail before we begin. Whether we’re living consciously or on auto-pilot it is our thoughts that direct and guide us.

Whatever You Conceive of You Will Achieve


After studying a bit, I saw that motivation then is really determined by one’s thoughts. We know that highly motivated individuals have mastered effective habits and have habituated those habits over time. It is also true that if one works a job they Love they do it with passion. So perhaps it is being passionate about something that positively motivates us to do it? Motivation then is really being in communion with God. Our creator inspires us to find our purpose and why we are really here. Again, meditation/prayer is crucial to connecting to your source.


We are sacred beings and it is our natural state to be in blissful ecstasy.  It is unlikely that one would be in this state all of the time, but think of your life and your moments. Are they filled with bliss? If you are not joyful each day you must again, look at your programming. Find things that make you happy. If you’re feeling down listen to some music, play with animals, children, sing, walk in nature, whatever it takes to lift your spirits. You must change your vibrational frequency. How you are feeling is even more important than what you are feeling.

There are no accidents in this life and your work is what you construct. Whatever you conceive of you will achieve. So think good, positive thoughts! We are all part of a plan, God’s plan. It is your “job” to discover your divine place in this world.  Everything happens for a reason and it is your job to make the most of you and your life- find your true purpose or life’s calling. This you will find is your true happiness, your bliss.


Whether you are in a job, or without a job, ask God, “How may I serve?” Keep asking as you listen to the still small voice (okay sometimes it’s pretty loud!) that says, “This is your calling.”  It may be that God will send you people or give you signs. Keep your eyes and heart open and when you feel that intuitive nudge, trust it and act on it.

Do For Others


Do for others. At every opportunity lend a hand, a kind word, or a thoughtful gesture. It is in helping others that we re-create Who We Are and discover why we are here and what our purpose is on this earth.


Working a job you do not Love can create frustration and discontent. We often look outside ourselves and blame others for the jobs and work we have. Looking outward to others and to society creates the illusion of separateness. Not connecting to God is the fundamental reason people feel dissatisfied. We’re dissatisfied when we think we do not have “enough,” or we aren’t “enough,” or we haven’t done “enough.” When is enough, enough?


We will never feel satisfied if we look outside our Selves for approval and acceptance. Look inward and listen. God will tell you, “I created you all equally. No one is above you or below you. It is only in your mind (ego) that you have created the illusion of being better or less than anyone else.”


Do you know what you want? Write it down. It can be very helpful to write down what it is you do not want thereby getting clear about what it is you do want. Then make your list of goals and focus on them every day.


Give thought and feeling to what it is You Really Want in Your life.

Use the power of your mind to create what you want by feeling the emotions of having it NOW. Whatever it is you want, think and feel as if you have them. Feel the joy, the appreciation, relief, the contentment of experiencing what you want. You will attract it to you when your dominant thoughts are what you WANT. Remember to think only on what it is you want. Have patience and know that you are a co-creator of your existence. Connect with the Divine for the answers you seek.


In all moments of sadness or confusion you have only one thing to do, meditate and connect with God. Your answers and solutions are within you.

Quite often we need outside help. Fortunately, the trail blazers have paved the way. Below are a few that just may get you headed on your path to freedom, to the age old question,

“Who am I, why am I here?”

“There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

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