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When Friends Come to Visit

When Friends Come to Visit


Mom told me she was coming for a visit and was gonna stay awhile. Awhile? I wasn’t sure what that meant but it made me a little nervous.

Cherry is a bouncy, kind of bossy, Pomeranian. She’s a vegetarian who’s curious about everything, especially the kitchen, and likes my toys a lot. Maybe too much.


I’ve got to admit I was excited the day she arrived. When her folks brought her food and toys in I gave everything a good sniff with my hound dog nose. I had to check for treats and toys I might want to play with. When Cherry saw me she gave me the once over and ran to my mom. She knows my mom loves her and if you ask me, Cherry gets a little too much attention. I’m the alpha dog around here. I don’t bite and I won’t fight, but I let her know that’s my mom. I won’t share her lap or our bed.

Scampy's Zippy toys.
Cherry the Pomerania chewing on her toy.

Mom said we have to give her lots of love and attention because she’s going to miss her people a lot. Separation anxiety, or something like that.


The first day was kind of weird. Mom spent a lot of time with Cherry and I felt a little jealous. I’m not used to sharing my mom with anyone but dad. Cherry and I played with our own toys for a while and mom said we were like two-year-olds: We play in the same room, but not together.

While I sniffed around the yard for critters, Cherry dug around in mom’s compost pile. And she didn’t get into

trouble either! Really? I’m not allowed in there, why does she get to?


Just before dinner, mom called us in for inspection. She gave us a good once over and decided we needed a little wash up. After wiping my feet, she took the cloth to Cherry’s face. It was really gross with yucky food stuff. Cherry growled at her and I thought mom was going to freak out. She didn’t though, she just calmly held her collar (probably so she wouldn’t get bitten!) and washed the gooey, rotting food away from her mouth.

When mom (“The Fridge Key Master”) brought the food out, Cherry walked over to my dish to inspect my dinner. She sniffed it and put her nose up. I did the same to hers. Vegetarians don’t eat meat, and her food didn’t do anything for me either. Except the chapatti mom made for her every day. Did I mention she’s an Indian dog? Mom says I’m not supposed to eat grains but she gave me a taste to try. I prefer the meat group.


After play time, we settled on the couch to relax. I got mom’s lap until dad came (Dad and I have a special way of cuddling together in his big chair) and Cherry sat on the other side of

Cherry the Pomerania outside by the compost pile.

mom. I was so glad when she crawled into her bed and went to sleep. I was a bit worried I’d have to share our bed with her. 


When I woke the next morning, I thought it was all a dream. When mom woke up we went out to the kitchen to check the status of the weather. Remember, I don’t like cold. Was this a sweater, rain coat or heavy coat morning?


I was feeling pretty good, then all of a sudden I heard it. A tinkling noise. It was the bell on Cherry’s collar. It wasn’t a dream!

When Cherry left with her family I sighed with relief. Life was back to normal. Just me, mom, and dad.


It’s okay when friends come to visit. And really okay when they go home :) 

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