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What's Your pH?

Why is pH Important?



Your body’s pH can mean the difference between life and death. Having the proper acid/alkaline balance is vital to staying well and free of disease. Your environment, your diet & lifestyle, even the thoughts you think, determine the state of your body’s pH. How do you know if your pH is where it should be? You know by the way you feel and the condition of your health.

Face with the pH color in make up.

The healthiest pH, known as the potential of hydrogen, is one that is slightly alkaline. Optimally we want to have a pH of 7.3, however, your pH will fluctuate throughout the day.


Your doctor probably won’t ask you, “What’s Your pH?” And it’s unlikely you know the critical role your pH plays in keeping you healthy.  Knowing what foods to choose is a great step toward taking control of your health and avoiding chronic illness.


The Standard American Diet (SAD)

creates an unhealthy pH, thereby contributing to sickness and disease.


Acidifying foods common to the SAD diet:


Animal Foods

Meat, dairy, processed foods, grains, sugar, bread, artificial sugars, alcohol, coffee, black tea, soft drinks, seafood, fruit sugars, flour and yeast products.



Sugar is toxic and destroys the body; creating acid and malnutrition (also known as disease) when part of your daily diet. Take note: All processed foods in the form of fast food, and most boxed, canned or packaged foods

All the different food that make up a acid pH in the body.

are laden with harmful sugars. Most you can’t identify on the label. Sugar has over 60 names now.


Acidic bodies hurt, and over time become ravaged with disease.


Inflammation, arthritis, viruses and degenerative diseases


result from a body that is acidic. Acidic foods also cause osteoporosis. As the body seeks to maintain proper pH by neutralizing the acid found in a typical SAD diet, it pulls the calcium from your bones, thereby making them weak and porous. Over time, the body experiences the symptoms of osteoporosis.


Milk, once believed to be an excellent source of calcium, is very acidic and studies show that countries who consume the highest amounts of dairy products also experience the highest rates of osteoporosis


See the extensive list of common acidic foods below.

Eat to Live - Alkalize for Life


A healing pH diet is 70%-80% alkaline foods.

50% of those foods should be raw. Cooking kills many vitamins and enzymes absolutely essential for good health. Limit sweet fruits, they can be very acidic.


The human body thrives on healthy nutrient-rich green veggies. Alkaline-rich organic vegetables (and some fruits) nourish and maintain a healthy pH, keeping it free of disease. Eating fresh organic food creates alkalinity in the body, therefore, a healthy body. Other alkalinizing foods include apple cider vinegargreen drinks, and lots more listed in the chart below!


When your body is healthy, your pH is at the desirable level. If your body is NOT healthy, chances are you’re living in an acidic state.


You can prevent many diseases by maintaining the proper pH. Testing your pH is easy, do it occasionally to see how you’re doing. This will let you know if you need to add more alkalizing foods to your diet.

Top Tips for a Healthy pH


Tip #1


Keep fruits to a minimum, especially if you have diabetes. Citrus fruits, specifically lemons are very healthy and alkalinizing. Lemons have a low ph. However, once digested and assimilated they become alkaline in the body. Try our Cranberry/Lemonade (sweetened with pure stevia),  it’s delicious and super nutritious! Even though cranberries are acidic, they have a plethora of disease-fighting properties and lemons and stevia are very alkalizing to the body.


Tip #2


Drink Herbal Tea Instead of Coffee

You may not kick your morning cup of java today, but you can add alkalizing teas to your daily ritual. Herbal teas such as lemon balm and peppermint are delicious and nutritious.


Tip #3


Avoid Processed Foods & Sugar

You sugar bears can use alkalizing Stevia.

Tip #4


Eat Green Vegetables – Drink Fresh Green Juices

Fresh green juices, leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, celery, and other green veggies are alkalizing and essential for your good health. Eat organic as much as your circumstances allow. For your family’s health and the health of the planet. 


Tip #5


Stay Hydrated!

Drinking pure water is critical to good health. Staying properly hydrated is probably the most important element of the alkaline diet. Not just any water will do! Tap water that is unfiltered contains a multitude of dangerous chemicals, including arsenic, mercury, lead, fluoride, and many more. If you have tap water in your home you can learn of its quality here at ewg tapwater data base. We have carefully chosen quality water filtration systems for you. You can visit Aquatrue and Eden’s Store for water filter products.



NOTE: Some pH sources feature foods as acid or alkaline. These foods are near neutral or mildly acidic. For optimum health, eat a variety of fresh, real foods daily! Acidic foods should be a maximum of 20% of your diet.



May health be your journey and wellness be your blessing.

Chart about alkalize and live of images of all alkline foods.
Chart about alkalize and live of images of all acid & alkline foods, finding the ballance.

References/Further Study


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We offer these tools only as suggestions. We are not here to advocate any specific diet or religious or spiritual philosophy. In our experience we have found that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

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