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What's Your Body IQ?

Have you ever stared into a mirror and wondered,

“Who are you?”

Chances are everyone has experienced the moment when they’ve seen their “true self” looking back…


Sometimes it can feel as though the mind is in control of everything we do. We forget, or do not know that the body isn’t separate and we create it with our thoughts. Bizarre concept to some of you I know.  Our minds keep us so busy and distracted that we are not aware of what we’re doing until it’s too late. We’re hurt, sick with a cold or worse, a life threatening illness.

Woman looking at here self in a mirror.

Now what? Do you run to the doctor hoping for a miracle cure? Or do you

take responsibility for your own body? 


As a child I disliked going to the doctor. Sickness was not rampant in my family as it is so often today. I was an active kid and fortunately for me, fresh fruits and vegetables were the common fare at meal times. We were a pretty healthy lot.


I didn’t know what it felt like to be sick or in pain until I was almost 40 years old. I had been working 40+ hours at my job, a hobby business on my time off, and gardening (attempting to put in ¼ acre of garlic, all by hand) when muscle spasms brought me to a standstill. I knew I had to figure this out. I was in shock and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I prayed to God to help me. Within a day, Louise Hay came into my life. Well, not exactly, but I did find her book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” 

In our fast paced culture we try to accomplish more than we can ever achieve in a day; often feeling burned out and short-changed.

When we “slow down” and observe our bodies,

we can then and only then, be the best, do the best, and feel that we have done our best for the day. In taking a mindful approach to living you will feel more satisfied and content. And as you become “mindfully aware” of your thoughts you will take better care of your body. You will be healthier and your body will respond.


“You are the supreme total of everything you have thought. Every moment is an opportunity to re-create your Self and the life you desire, just by changing your thoughts and Knowing that you can.”   


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