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What’s the Scoop on Poop?

Bio-solids is the Scoop on Poop


I know what you’re thinking. She’s lost it. Why on earth would she want to talk about poop?

Well, it’s come to my attention that the mystery surrounding this distasteful subject is obscure and virtually unknown. Many are hugely unaware that much of American farmland is fertilized with toxic sewage sludge!


Let’s talk about what it is first. According to Google, sewage sludge is a “semi liquid waste obtained from the processing of municipal sewage, often used as a fertilizer.”

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Shocked? Surprised?


Sewage sludge is a chemical soup. Often full of toxic compounds; nanomaterials, dangerous pathogens, hormones, etc. which are applied to the land.  The plants absorb these chemicals and we, along with animals ingest them.


The Sewage Industry and their lobbyists in Washington have rebranded it as “Biosolids, (sounds better huh?) and claim it’s treated, therefore safe.


The policy of disposing sludge by spreading it on agricultural land has its inception in the Ocean Dumping ban of 1987.  Before 1992, when the law went into effect, the practice had been to load barges 

and dump it first 12 miles and then later 106 miles offshore. That is until a group of concerned citizens noticed dead zones in the areas where it had been discarded.


Hence, the brilliant idea to repurpose it and con the people into buying it! The same strategy used to profit from the waste product known as “fluoride.” You know that stuff that’s supposed to be good for your teeth? Fluoride is NOT a mineral but a by-product of the aluminum, nuclear, and chemical fertilizer industries and hazardous according to the EPA.

In 2002, the office of the Inspector General noted: “EPA cannot assure the public the current land application practices (of sewage sludge) are protective of human health and the environment."

Ocean Dumping Ban of 1987

Loaded on barges and dumped first 12 miles and then later 106 miles offshore. That is until a group of concerned citizens noticed dead zones...


Ocean Dumping Ban Act -

Here’s a story of a man that used sewage sludge on his fields:


Andy McElmurray was a Georgia dairy farmer who accepted sewage sludge to fertilize his fields where he grew food for his cows over many years. As the years went by, he noticed that his land was becoming more and more acidic. McElmurray applied lime to raise the pH of his soil. Soon after he did so, his cows became sick.


After many tests, he traced the cows’ illnesses back to the sludge.

The sludge he had applied contained high levels of molybdenum, cadmium, and thallium. Molybdenum and cadmium are regulated in sewage sludge, whereas thallium is not.

If that weren’t enough, people are buying it to use in their gardens thinking it’s a safe

“organic compost!”


What can you do? Buy organic or choose produce from EWG’s list of the “Safe Fifteen.”

Pollutants Used as Fertilizer Killed Cattle

Andy McElmurray brought in his own experts after the EPA refused to test his fields. Tests revealed high levels of thallium, a toxic metal that’s the active ingredient in rat poisoning,

linked to a nearby

manufacturer of artificial sweeteners

that was using the chemical as a catalyst.

Source: NBC NEWS

We live in a corrupt country. Corporate profits often surpass human concern and compassion. We will create positive change only when we care enough for ourselves and the future of our world. Be kind to yourself and others. Choose wisely.




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