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Choices. Freewill.


We are born with these undeniable rights. Why then, do most of us create unhappy lives?


We certainly want to be happy, to be secure, to have the “stuff” that we think will give us pleasure and make our lives complete. But for most of us, achieving the “right stuff” is elusive and seemingly unobtainable. And when we finally reach the goal, get the job, whatever, we find we’re still not content. The mind (ego) says it’s not enough. We are programmed to believe a lie. A lie that says you’re not good enough if you don’t look or dress a certain way, live in a huge expensive home, etc.

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How then does one break the bonds that imprison the mind?

The key is to be mindful.

Be aware and conscious of your thoughts. When you are a

“conscious thinker,”

you do not “unconsciously” create conflicts and dramas. Being conscious of your thoughts means you are “emotionally aware,” and therefore capable of being in charge of your life. You are no longer just a mindless machine performing mental functions at random. When you know you have a choice to react negatively, positively, or in between, such as neutral, you can begin to create a life that is peaceful and abundant.  When your thoughts and the subsequent feelings generated by them, are predominantly positive, you will attract peaceful people, and harmonious events into your life.

You have only two choices at any given moment:

You can make decisions that

feel good,

or you can choose those that make you

feel bad.

When we use the mind to release and live out our fears it becomes a prison- a prison without boundaries, without constraint. You doom yourself to a life of unhappiness. You have only two choices at any given moment: You can make decisions that feel good, or you can choose those that make you feel bad. You can

use your thoughts to create peace,

or use them to create destruction.


Your mind and the thoughts you are feeling, are the catalyst for the energy that drives your life. By being aware, and knowing that your

Nut, which looks like the brain with a note, Use your brain, you have the power of what you want.

thoughts have power; you are capable of changing your life and creating a life that brings you joy and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

"Thoughts have the ability to create Peace, they can also create destruction." 


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