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What's in Your Fridge?

What’s in Your Fridge?


This is not a story about the good things that should be in your fridge.


This is a story about you and your fridge. You take care of it and your fridge takes care of you. Well, sort of…

Fridge full of fruits and vegetables.

More often than not we look at the fridge as a source of contempt; as if it should be self-cleaning and know when to dispose of something before it rots. We might even get angry and disgusted if our fridge should breakdown because we are ignorant of its care and maintenance. I learned the hard way when I almost lost my fridge… After lots of prayer, a good cleaning, and 2 days of studying the manual, she came back to life. I learned I must become one with my fridge. We have heard its sounds, and like a car, you must be in tune with its voice. If it should start to grumble and sound angry, or is especially quiet, take heed, its talking to you.


Which leads me to #2.

Clean behind your fridge at least 2x a year or whatever maintenance is suggested for your brand and model. Once you clean it, chart it on your kitchen calendar. You have one, right? If you don’t, get one, and post it inside a kitchen cupboard. And be sure you write down its next cleaning in 6 months! If the date falls into the next year, you can add it to the bottom of December’s page, and when the new year comes add it to your new calendar.

Sick fridge with doctor and IV to the rescue.

The refrigerator is an amazing device and we often take it for granted and expect more than it can give. I have looked into the fridge half expecting something incredibly delicious to magically appear before my eyes. Of course that was rarely the case. Horror more often than not struck me as I attempted to decipher the gooey darkened mass of what was once an edible food source. 


As time went on and I realized not only was it important, but vital to my health that I buy quality food, I began to take much better care of my fridge and its valuable contents. I saw my fridge as a reflection of myself and my mind. Was I creating a

(Garden of Eden (Eatin’)

or a garbage dump? From that day on I treated my fridge, the sacred body that houses my food, my connection to life, with respect and reverence.


As my weekly shopping day approaches I take inventory of what needs to be composted or purchased for the week. I wipe out the drawers and bless my fridge for doing such a wonderful job of keeping everything so fresh. I know that like my body it needs tending and care. My attention to both should keep them thriving for years to come. 

The refrigerator is the only appliance that is constantly running 24/7 for years on end.

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