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All Natural Food and Arms of Muscles

Weight Loss for Life

Getting To Know You


Weight loss starts with getting your lifestyle right. Diets should be safe, effective and part of a healthy lifestyle change. Eating healthy is more challenging today due to the amount of “unhealthy” foods available. Coupled with media advertising, eating a healthy diet and effective weight loss can be confusing at best. Where do you start? What if you have a lot of weight to lose and have health problems? When you decide to care more about yourself than anything else, you are READY to:


Make Excellent Health Your Ultimate Goal


We have prepared a perfect place for you to begin your wellness journey. The following information and resources have the power to educate, inspire and motivate you to your best health ever and the life you deserve.


Make excellent health your ultimate goal and your life’s work- you’ll be amazed at what you can do. Get to know the “real you” and you’ll find there’s a happy person inside, who’s been waiting for you all along…

Woman standing on a scale.

Know the Basics for Safe & Effective Weight Loss


A successful program for weight loss must be consistent with the four cornerstones of good health: proper diet, a positive mental attitude, adequate exercise and the right support for the body through natural measures such as meditation, EFT (tapping), dietary supplements, etc. 


Make excellent health your ultimate goal and you’ll be amazed at what you can do in your life.


To eat right, you have to make the right choices. Excess weight, virtually every time, means one thing: malnutrition and toxicity. When given too much of the wrong foods the body becomes unbalanced. There are basic foods that provide nourishment and optimum health. The article “Eating to Live,” will give you the foundational principles of a whole foods diet. You’ll understand why certain foods cause harm and how others can heal. Safe weight loss begins with a plan and that plan begins with you.


Weight Loss Success Begins in the Mind


For weight loss goals to be successful you must retrain your mind. Your thoughts are powerful and they have brought you to this stage of your life. Learning techniques to control your mind is absolutely essential to your success. And having a positive mental attitude is absolutely essential to good health. Negative thoughts result in negative decisions and choices around diet, exercise and well-being in general.

Weight loss is not about food. It's about your mind set. Educating yourself “about” food is the beginning, however, for successful weight loss and optimum health you’ve got to get to know you. The person you really are behind the meat suit. Once you realize you are much more than your mind- and your food choices- you make a shift in thinking which takes you to a whole new level; where food and your weight are no longer an issue. Because it was never about the food or the weight. Excess weight is just a symptom or side effect of eating the wrong food and thinking the same old thoughts.

I didn’t know I had an eating disorder. Despite concern my friends were expressing, I could not see the truth about my body.

Your mind, with its beliefs (what you have been taught to believe over your lifetime) about yourself have dictated your desire to overeat unhealthy foods. Foods that are most likely addictive.


Much like an alcohol or cocaine addict; the mind is controlled by chemicals that flood the body. Driving the ego that demands satisfaction. The chemical high in the brain produces bodily sensations that thrill and delight the senses. This can make it challenging to change old eating habits, however, developing the discipline to “change your mind,” and crucial to your survival and weight loss success.


Make a Plan


It’s time to rethink your meals and adopt recipes that support your health and wellness. Typical recipes with large amounts of meat, potatoes, dairy, and sugar do not support weight loss and lead to illness (nutritional wasting and toxicity).


Eden’s Corner shares powerful strategies to empower and ensure your success to safe and effective weight loss for life. It’s all about balance: Mind, body and soul.

Which leads to the WON thing everyone truly wants, happiness.

You’ve got to take care of #1


Before you can take care of #2


These helpful resources have aided millions to achieve effective weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking Just Got Healthier and Easier Too!

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

Inspiring choices to help with your weight loss journey:

"Real food" is key to a healthy diet. These cookbooks explore what and how much to eat and when to eat it. These delicious food recipes allow you to lose weight and keep it off permanently without hunger or deprivation.


How I Lost the Weight

Making the shift to loving ME


I didn’t know I had an eating disorder. Despite concern my friends were expressing, I could not see the truth about my body. I wore a size 1 and hadn’t left the house in weeks, maybe months. It didn’t hit me until the day I came upon a picture of myself I didn’t recognize. I wondered who that person was staring back behind those doleful eyes and gaunt physique.

Reni in yoga pose. Age 58.

Like so many others I had become a relentless workaholic. My mind kept me so busy “doing,” that I left my body and spirit behind. I knew my life needed to change. Drastically. I thought of Karen Carpenter and how she had died from anorexia. I didn’t want my life to end like hers.


Flash forward in time, 10 years later… I was struggling with my weight. This time I had 15 stubborn pounds that would not go away. And while I had always been health-minded, I had A LOT of emotional stuff I hadn’t addressed. At the age of 32, I was 5’ 2”, wore a size 7, sometimes 9. I was a stay-at-home mom in a new town with no support group, no constructive hobbies, no direction.


Food was my hobby and I knew it was a problem. It was also a time when I discovered I was lactose intolerant. I’ve learned a lot about dairy since then, and nutrition in general. The turning point for me was to address my emotional needs and my nutritional ones as well. I finally made the connection:


Perfect weight is a balance of proper nutrition and emotional wellbeing.


Nature’s Way You Always Win


Nature designed food to nourish the human body and keep it in optimal condition. Real foods give us virtually everything we need to stay healthy and avoid disease. Disease in virtually every case is the result of vitamin and mineral deficiency. There are cases of those born unlucky, however, they are the exception, not the rule.


To get your diet right, you have to know which foods are right for you. There are definite do’s and don’ts. Your knowledge is your power. And with that power you can take control of your health and your life.





  • Opt for fresh, organic fruit over sugar laden packaged foods. Diabetics need to eliminate or restrict certain fruits until blood sugar is under control.


  • Eat plenty of fresh, raw, organic vegetables.


  • Eat foods high in healthy fats. Contrary to popular belief, fat is a good thing and absolutely essential to good health.




If you have extra weight, you’re obese or you’re underweight, there’s a good chance you’re malnourished. It is virtually impossible to eat enough food to supply all of the 90 nutrients needed to maintain optimum health. Even if you’re eating fresh, in season, organic fruits & vegetables, and absolutely no processed food, chances are you’re not getting everything you need. Supplementing with vitamins and minerals can rebuild your body’s depleted system. Diseases are symptoms and the result of malnutrition and toxicity.


We suggest anyone not on a green juice fast, supplement with vitamins and minerals. We also suggest taking quality supplements. They are more expensive than cheap brands you’ll often see advertised, but bargain brands are often synthetic, harmful and a waste of money.


Visit our Essential Supplements for multivitamin & mineral supplements that support your healthy weight loss goals. 

Daily added sugar limit for men and woman in a chart, information from American Heart Association.

Eat Real Food or Else High Nutrition Cookbook

This book offers a comprehensive system that promotes lifelong health, with nutritional advice based on the broad view of the entire body. Nutrition is a difficult science, reflecting the huge complexity of our body. It cannot be reduced to a set of simplistic rules.

Scale and tape measure.

Don’t Eat




Processed foods sabotage your weight loss success. Chemicals in processed foods trick your brain (to learn more, check out Salt, Sugar & Fat in Eden's Picks). into thinking you're still hungry. You will overeat and continue to eat because you don’t know when you’re full, therefore, causing you to gain weight. In addition, nutrient deficient industrial food slowly starves your body, eventually causing nutritional wasting and disease.


As mentioned earlier,

you must eliminate processed foods from your diet. Exercise alone will not shed unwanted pounds.

You cannot expect to reach your weight loss goals eating chemically produced, artificial foods. Processed foods contain substances that are addictive and lead to malnutrition and illness. Your body does not recognize artificial ingredients as food and sees it as a foreign invader, in turn causing all sorts of problems including metabolic syndrome. It is virtually impossible to lose weight while eating a processed food diet. For example, to burn off a Big Mac from McDonald’s, a 150-pound person would have to bike nearly an hour and 20 minutes on a flat surface, or an hour and 40 minutes of mowing with a push mower. 

61 Names for Sugar.

Processed Foods Contain:


  • Trans Fats

  • Sugars

  • Artificial Sugars


Artificial Ingredients- There are over 10,000 used in the industrial food industry, sometimes listed as “natural flavors.”


Genetically Modified Organisms- Anyone with allergies or food sensitivities can have allergic reactions to these foods. Over 80% of grocery store processed food have unregulated gmo’s.


Common Table Salt


Common table salt is toxic to the human body. Refined, heated and combined with chemical additives, this “seasoning,” contributes to kidney disease, high blood pressure and a host of other problems. Choose Himalayan Pink Salt instead. This healthy mineral salt contains all 84 minerals required by the human body, although some people may require higher amounts of specific minerals such as iodine, for instance. Please read our article, Is Salt Good? 


Eliminate Sugars


All forms of sugar, including agave, honey, and grains quickly break down into fat. Processed yogurt, breads, and fruit juices must be eliminated. These processed foods tax the liver as they break down into harmful sugars. If you’re hooked, you’ll have to go through sugar withdrawal. Sugar withdrawal is challenging, but you’ll eliminate a lot of pain (inflammation) and “dis-ease” once you’re off the nasty stuff.


Common Foods with Added Sugar:


Bread- Store bought brands are very unhealthy. Loaded with sugars and artificial ingredients that contribute to weight gain and disease.


Yogurt- Virtually every yogurt sold in grocery stores is unhealthy and a waste of money; with tons of added sugar (which harmful bacteria feed upon), it is then heated, which kills virtually all beneficial bacteria rendering it a useless and expensive food product.


Bottled Fruit Juice- Pasteurized juice and its toxic cousin juice cocktail is nothing better than soda or sugar. Turns to fat.



You will never get to your target weight unless you monitor your daily intake of sugar. Sugar turns to fat in the body. All processed food is loaded with sugars. We highly recommend reading

Health Benefits of Sugar” and alsoSweet Deception? The Bitter Side.” 


Men should have NO MORE than 9 teaspoons/36 gm per day. And 150 calories of added sugar.


Women NO MORE than 6 teaspoons/24 gm per day. And 100 calories of added sugar, according to the American Heart Association.


Don’t Eat Low-Fat Food Products


Low fat food products are one thing: Garbage. With the fat removed, artificial (and other sugars) are added to cover up the terrible taste. Sugar has over 50 names and you’ll never know what you’re eating. 


Why Most Diets Fail Visit our article 5-Reasons Diets Don't Work


Everyone has an opinion on diets and the best weight loss program. There certainly are many available here in the U.S. and abroad. Some have been around for a while, others are currently burning up the air waves with commercials that entice the naive and vulnerable. Thousands of dollars are being made in the diet industry.  Their mantra, “Eat natural foods,” is deceptive and misleading. We’ve read the reviews and like most diets, success rates are low. Why is that?


You can’t just diet or deprive yourself of certain foods to lose weight. And it certainly doesn’t work in the long run to outsource your health. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You must take responsibility for your own healthcare and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Drink Water,




Especially NOT Diet Soda

Avoid Drinking Fruit Juice

(pasteurized fruit juice is no better than soda)

Popular Commercial Diet Programs:

All information is current at time of printing

Weight Watchers




No foods are off-limits (which isn’t always a good thing)


Emphasis on fruits & vegetables


Online support, personal coaching or group meetings

Boxes and a bowl of soup from Weight Watchers Smart Ones.



Expensive with prices starting at $19.95/month with total access costing $69.95/month. Monthly total costs around $250-$400. Costs may vary.


Nutrition counseling is not provided. Dieters may not understand all fruits & vegetables are not created equal. (Non-organic produce is inferior in nutritional value as it is virtually devoid of life-giving minerals, replete with chemical toxins and often genetically modified.)


Commercial meals called “Smart Ones,”

are not a smart choice as they contain harmful, chemical ingredients (some have 50 +) and likely contain genetically modified organisms.

Jenny Craig




Fresh fruits & vegetables are encouraged, however no discernment regarding healthy organic choices are offered.




Expensive- monthly fee is $40- $65. Food costs about $100 a week Monthly total costs around $250-$400.


Meals are highly processed with chemical additives, gmos and tend to be high in sugar, low in fiber and low in fat.

Bags and boxes of Jenny Craig package displays.

Meal replacement powders are the smart choice for busy people everywhere, not to mention an effective support tool for those seeking a healthy body weight. 




Diet C: Popular Weight Loss Program (widely advertised on radio)




Some people lose weight and don’t mind the food.




Expensive. $1000 a month and up.


Food is highly processed into powder packets. You provide your own protein and vegetable sources.


According to some, the food tastes like chemicals and makes them sick. Splenda is used for a sweetener which is problematic in many ways. 


No nutritional counseling or outside support.


No Product Ingredient Disclosure.


Be Wary of Weight Loss Programs that Do Not Disclose their food product ingredients


Healthy Weight Management Tools


Weight Management/In-Between Meal Snacks – Healthy Replacement for coffee or energy drinks; natural, sustained energy with no crash.


Meal Replacements  


Meal replacement powders are the smart choice for busy people everywhere, not to mention an effective support tool for those seeking a healthy body weight. 

Tips for Keeping Weight Off


Learn about Real Food  


Eat Plenty of Organic Vegetables 


Plan Your Meals (check out our cookbooks)


Don’t Diet, Eat a Healthy Variety of Real Foods

(Resources below)


Change the Way You Look at Food -Your Addictive Nature: Cleverly Disguised


Drink Water, not Soda and Especially NOT Diet Soda


Avoid Drinking Fruit Juice (pasteurized fruit juice is no better than soda)


Keep a Food Journal


Online Support Group -


Positive Healthy Weight Affirmations


Turn Off the Television, Especially During Meals


Join a Fitness Group or Walk with a Friend


Get a Hobby, Discover Your Passion, Don’t Eat Out of Boredom


Stay Away from Fast Food Restaurants


What’s the Safest, and Most Effective Way to Weight Loss?


A Healthy Lifestyle Diet, Nature’s Way!!


The good news, in addition to a healthy weight, is NO “dis-ease!” You will nourish your body, stay healthy, eat well and love your new body! Discover which diet is right for you, get the junk out, find/discover your purpose for being on this earth, and weight gain will NOT be an issue. When you learn to love yourself you will make good health and wellness your first priority.


In summary:


  • Make a Plan

  • Eat a variety of fresh, organic plant-based foods

  • Whole foods with minimal processing (i.e., oatmeal)

  • Pure water for sufficient hydration

  • Include healthy weight management tools such as meal replacements and in-between snacks for hunger/craving control

  • Dietary supplements

  • No processed foods or sugars

  • No diet or artificial sugars

  • No salt in the form of sodium chloride (found in most processed foods)

  • No lowfat processed food (yogurt, snack foods, etc.)

  • Walk with a friend

  • Practice beginner’s yoga with me;

  • Practice meditation and other stress management techniques (EFT, breathing exercises, etc.)


Healthful Chat

Meet, greet, share, support

Online Support Group


About Healthful Chat Room Website:


The philosophy of HealthfulChat is that there is power in numbers. Along with the proper medical attention, we believe that a peer support community is the greatest weapon against illness that there are. We would like to connect you with a friendly support system by offering you this Obesity and Diet Chat Room, obesity and diet forums, and an obesity and diet social network.


HealthfulChat also covers an array of illnesses and conditions, from Pregnancy and Infertility, Cancer, Obesity and ADHD, to Depression, Anxiety, Stroke and HIV and AIDS, to name but a few. Each individual illness or condition is separated into a community of its own so that you can connect with a worldwide population of peers to meet, greet, share and support. 

Weight Loss Success Conversations


Everyday people who’ve succeeded in achieving their weight loss goals:


“I knew I needed to plan my daily meals. I couldn’t leave anything to chance. I got myself a cookbook for diabetics and followed it religiously.”  -Sandy


“Keeping a daily journal helped me cut down on my calories. Because I knew everything I ate, I was able to closely monitor my food intake.”  -Pam


“Having an online weight loss buddy helped me to lose more weight. I’m rather shy and did not want to join a face-to-face support group.”  -Jim


“I use positive affirmations to stay focused on my weight loss goals. I post notes all over my home. In the bathroom, my car, and especially on my fridge! Statements like, “I am perfect weight,” and “I am getting healthier every day.” I repeat these phrases all day. I even carry one in my pocket and wallet.  -Monesha


“Television used to make me crave sweets. I knew I was being influenced by the ads for junk food and once I stopped listening to the food commercials it made it a lot easier to curb my cravings and change the way I looked at food.”  -John


“I always hated exercise. Being overweight made me tired and I never had much energy. Once I changed my eating habits I had more energy. Today I walk everywhere, and of course it’s always more fun with a friend!” -Nancy


“I used to live to eat. I know now that most of the time I was just thirsty and dehydrated. Drinking water has made a huge difference in my weight loss success. I feel better and have so much more energy!” -Rick


“My life used to be very boring. I had no desire to do anything, I could barely walk around! Today I am doing a job I love helping others. Food is not my main focus. I eat to live instead of living to eat.”  -Natalie


Inspiring choices to help with your weight loss journey:

"Real food" is key to a healthy diet, and these cookbooks explore what and how much to eat and when to eat it. These delicious food recipes allow you to lose weight and keep it off permanently without hunger or deprivation.


Perfect weight is a balance of proper nutrition and emotional wellbeing.


May health be your journey and wellness your blessing

Underline with a heart
Underline with a green leaf

We have carefully chosen weight management products especially for you. For your convenience, they’re available on this page and in our Amazon Healthy Weight Loss Store.  As an Amazon affiliate, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your purchase supports Eden’s Corner and makes it possible to bring you the most important health resources that enhance and enrich your wellness journey.


Recommended Reading & Study for Safe & Effective Weight Loss Articles


Eating to Live

Real food 101. A must for anyone on the road to optimum health and perfect weight. (Step 2 of Your Wellness Journey)


5 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

Diets often fail because you cannot deprive yourself and feel good. Diet foods are generally unhealthy and you will be hungrier than…


Change Your Thoughts

Changing the way you think affects every facet of your life. When you realize your thoughts create your reality and affect your health, you will shift from fat to fit.


Which Diet is Right for Me? 

There are specific diets that work well for each individual. Find yours here.


Metabolic Syndrome

Preventable and safely treated with natural medicine, these insidious “dis-eases” are putting millions at risk.

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