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Water Filters for Health, for Life

Drinking water has become a dangerous commodity in the United States and most of the world.


Industrial and agricultural contaminants (present at unacceptable levels) – pose deadly risks for those who drink tap water. Water treatment chemicals (including toxic fluoride) have been linked to cancer, nervous system damage, developmental defects, fertility problems, brain damage, and more.


Many of the chemicals found in tap water are unregulated, and despite scientific research proving their dangers, are allowed in our nation’s drinking water.


According to the EWG, “Chromium-6 or hexavalent chromium – an industrial chemical made notorious by the film “Erin Brockovich,” but unregulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act – has been detected in drinking water supplies for more than 250 million Americans in all 50 states, at levels exceeding those California state scientists say pose a negligible risk of cancer for people who drink it daily for a lifetime.”


We believe you have the right to the safest, and cleanest drinking water available. Filtering your water is the most effective and economical option.

Thankfully, the Environmental Working Group’s extensive water data base assists you in easily identifying the contaminants in your tap water.

We have carefully chosen the most effective filters to suit your needs. Easy to use, economical, and you can rest assured that your drinking water is free of many harmful disease-causing chemicals.

Bottled Water FYI:

Many bottled water brands are tap water disguised to look healthy.

Bottled water is expensive;

and carries devastating consequences for you and the environment.

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