Very Berry Sorbet

Made with the rainbow of nature.

Nature knows what you like, and this is it!


Imagine, sitting down to a dessert you can feel good about. A nutritious treat made with the rainbow of nature.

Filled with natural goodness and disease fighting plant medicine. Try our scrumptious vegan ice cream as a topper, it’s so incredible you won’t believe it’s not “ice cream”! It’s our “go-to” dessert when we need a healthy treat. Even our family and friends can’t believe it’s made without sugar or dairy.  



Wash your produce before cutting, if applicable. Cutting dirty produce can contaminate your fruit with harmful organisms. Place in the sink and give it a good bath with gentle earth friendly soap.

For produce shopping, and preparation tips read here.


½ banana, peeled, frozen

¼ cup pineapple, frozen

½ cup mixed fruit or fruit of your choice


Almonds, handful per serving soaked overnight. Almonds that are NOT soaked are difficult to digest, therefore few nutrients are available to the body. Keep up to three days in fridge or freeze for later use.


NOTE: Makes approximately one serving.



Remove fruit and nuts from freezer. Place fruits in a large, shallow bowl.


While fruits are thawing slightly, I gather six 16 oz. containers with lids. I make extra ahead of time for future desserts.


Place a handful of soaked almonds in each container and stack in the ready position.


Take one container and place under your juicer/sorbet maker.

Our longtime favorite juicer/sorbet maker is the Tribest Green Star.

Place nuts in first. Nuts will come out looking like a nutty paste. Next add ½ banana, then pineapple and finish with frozen fruit.


To serve frozen, thaw slightly and turn over into a serving dish. Nuts will be on top and your sorbet will look quite appetizing.


For an additional treat spread 1 T. of organic peanut or almond butter over top and add fresh banana slices. Or top with our “vegan” ice cream.


Tip: In winter I buy frozen, organic fruit at Costco for substantial savings. Shop around for the best deals on organic fruits.


Choose a single or twin gear masticating juicer or extractor that makes sorbets.

**Important Note**


Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Non-organic produce is deficient in minerals (needed to prevent disease) and replete with dozens of chemicals that create a toxic overload in your body. Children especially need to avoid chemically-grown foods.


If organic produce is not available to you, at least adhere to the clean fifteen and avoid the dirty dozen.


Shop your local co-op, farmer’s market, and grow your own!


Diabetics should restrict their fruit sugar (fructose) to 25 gms. per day, according to Joseph Mercola, M.D.

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