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Turmeric: Nature's Medical Wonder

Nature's Medical Wonder


Turmeric has been used for thousands of years. Well known in the Middle East and India, its uses cover a vast array of maladies. Commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, it also treats toothaches, stomach upset, menstrual problems and improves skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

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Curcuminoid of Turmeric


The efficacy of turmeric, specifically its primary agent, curcumin, is well documented. Its anti-inflammatory benefits rival synthetic NSAID’s that produce toxic effects such as internal bleeding and liver toxicity. A 2004 study by the National Institutes of Health, claim in comparison to synthetic drugs, curcumin was the most potent anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative agent (substance used to prevent or hinder the spread of cells, especially malignant cells, into surrounding tissues) of those studied.

Health Benefits of Turmeric


  • Digestive aid     

  • Cancer

  • Helps digest fats

  • Congestion

  • IBS

  • Colitis

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Liver Tonic

  • Antibacterial


Benefits of Turmeric Go Beyond These 

Pharmaceutical Drugs


  • Pain Killers

  • Diabetes Drugs

  • Arthritis Medications

  • Cholesterol drugs (Lipitor)

  • Anti-depressants

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

  • Anti-coagulants (Aspirin)

We have used turmeric for healing and in our favorite Indian dishes for years. It is very easy to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Use turmeric powder as a pain reliever and a tooth mask to whiten teeth and promote oral health.

Dr Josh Axe, Youtube video on the Health Benefits of Turmeric.

Pain Reliever

1 T. turmeric powder mixed in ¼ c. pure water. Drink it down. It’s a little chalky but so worth it.



Tooth Mask to Brighten and Support Oral Health

¼ t. turmeric powder                                                        

¼ t. organic virgin coconut oil

4 drops clove oil

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Let mixture stand for several minutes and use as toothpaste.


Please note turmeric’s coloring may stain clothing and other surfaces such as porcelain sinks. If your sink should require scrubbing and you want to make your own scouring cleanser, check out our DIY Scouring Recipe

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Display of ingridients for the recipe.

Our wise creator has given us all that we need. Our “natural” bodies are designed perfectly. When we nourish and detoxify we will heal, virtually all of the time.



Turmeric for Liver & Digestive Health

by Christa Sinadinos/Maud Grieve


Turmeric: Most Potent Anti-inflammatory



Plants Against Cancer US Library of Medicine


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