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Top Reasons People Eat Junk Food

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Everyone enjoys a taste of junk food now and then. I admit I used to LOVE Garden of Eatin’s Sea Salt Corn Chips. Reminiscent of fond childhood memories; corn chips, bean dip, and my cane fishin’ pole… That is, until Big Food, Inc. bought them out and greenwashed- the recipe with chemicals and inferior ingredients. 


Junk Food Junkie


But today’s world has gone mad with junk food and the guys in white lab coats are busier than ever, supplying the masses with food chemicals that taste like more…

Assortment of junk food.

Hey, many of us are eating the SAD diet. You know, the Standard American Diet. We're taste-bud driven with decades of Edward Bernays'-inspired media propaganda coursing through our cerebral veins. And we just don’t know any better.


As I scanned the store for shoppers my curiosity had me wondering, “Why do so many people buy processed, convenience foods?” I had some good ideas why, but wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.


Here’s what they had to say about why they eat processed (junk) food:


Top 7 Reasons People Eat Processed Food


1. It tastes good.


2. Healthy food is too expensive.


3. Unhealthy habits are too hard to change.


4. Life is short, we’re gonna die anyway, right?


5. My family likes this food.


6. I’m not sure which foods are healthy and how to cook them.


7. I don’t have time and I don’t like to cook.


Sound familiar? Hey, you’re doing your best, right? What if you could do better with a little help?


Let’s look a little closer at the common reasons for not eating healthy food and some strategies for dealing (and healing) your processed food obsessions.

1. It Tastes Good


Of course it does. It’s what your taste buds have become accustomed to. Processed foods trick the brain and taste buds, creating a high satiety level for salt, fat and sugar. (There’s 10,000 plus additives allowed in commercial foods today, not kidding!)  It’s what the food industry has been feeding us and we’ve come to expect it. Bland food just isn't exciting.


We want foods with flavor, pizzazz! What can you do? Spice it up! Yep, naturally, with salsa, garlic, peppers, real salt and I don’t mean that chemical poison most people call salt. Himalayan pink salt. Sounds exotic but it’s becoming increasingly popular. You need it, so go and get some. It’s delicious and has the minerals you’re probably starving for!


Avoid bottled or packaged spice mixtures. Most common brands are laced with MSG, salt, sugar and loads of chemicals.


2. Healthy Food is Too Expensive


Healthy food restaurants maybe. Healthy food cooked at home in an overall meal is always less expensive. Junk food has many hidden costs. First and foremost, it ruins your health. You’re not just being poisoned; you’re slowly starving from malnutrition. Pay now or you'll pay later.

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Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive? Study by USDA Economic Research Services.

Here’s a government study for your perusal, “Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive?” The authors found that healthy foods cost less than “less healthy foods” (defined for this study as foods that are high in saturated fat, added sugar, and/or sodium, or that contribute little to meeting dietary recommendations).


Live, organic foods provide optimal nutrition, whereas processed foods are replete with chemicals, fat, salt and sugar. Synthetic vitamins may be added to “fortify” the product, to make it appear healthier.

They’re anything but healthy.

Fake vitamins add to the body’s toxic burden.


Cheap, convenience foods lead to malnutrition and cause disease.


Suffering is much costlier than healthy food. Over half a million people lose their homes each year due to hospital bills.

Think wellness is expensive? Try illness.


3. Bad Habits Are Too Hard to Change


If that were true, no one would ever quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Or any other negative habit that undermines good health. It only takes one thought to make a decision to save yourself; to realize your life is in your hands and it’s no one’s fault if you’re sick or dying. Sure, Big Food and Big Pharma are providing the ammunition. But you’re the one pulling the trigger.


4. Life is Short, We’re Gonna Die Anyway, Right?


True. But your chances of major suffering and an early death increase substantially if you don’t take care of your physical body. You may get some “quantity” to your life, but “quality,” not likely. Anyone suffering with heart disease, diabetes or cancer knows life is better in a healthy body.


5. My Family Likes This Food


Well, of course they do. It’s all they know. Get a good cookbook like the ones at the end of this article. Watch movies to inspire you to make positive health changes such as Fed Up  and Hungry for Change.”

Start slow. Add 1-2 healthy meals a week, and slowly remove the chips, pop, cookies, etc. from your diet.


Parents must lead by example. Kids will always (unless they’re teenagers!) model adult behavior. Wean everyone off slowly. I hear junk food withdrawal is extremely challenging. But don’t let that discourage you. If you’ve ever quit smoking, it’s much the same. Your ego will argue with your common sense/conscience and attempt to persuade you to eat the addictive food. Take it one day, one bite, at a time…

Variety of overweight people, from very young to adults.

6. I Don’t Know What to Cook


Fortunately for you, the wheel has already been invented. All you need do is accessorize it.


We’ve got cookbooks for delicious recipes, with helpful tips and nutritional advice as well.


If you’re wondering, Which Diet is Right for Me?” Check out common (healthy) diets in America.


7. I Don’t Have Time and I Don’t Like to Cook


You’ve got to start telling yourself a different story!

Try this, “I am worth it. I can be healthy and I will MAKE time to cook!”


Explore healthy recipes and one day you may be able to turn your “kitchen chores” into fun! Who knows, you might even help someone else in your family.


Just a little of my story…


When my kids were at home I worked fulltime, had a hobby business and did major gardening. Meals were a priority because I wanted us to be healthy and happy. It was also a time for us to get together and talk (bond).

I worked hard to prepare and plan meals ahead, freeze what I could, and if we ate last minute, try to get fresh fruits and vegetables in each meal. I know, easy for me to say. But this I know for sure, everything is possible. Hey, just take it one day at a time… It’s all you’ve got.


Health Alert! Secrets of the Processed Food Industry


When it comes to our health, processed food is public enemy number one. In order to win any battle, it helps to know the secrets the food industry uses to keep us hooked. Check out this video by CBN News - Health Alert!

CBN News by Lorie - Health Alert! Secrets of the Processed Food Industry Youtube Video.

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