Silhouette of a family under a tree with the moon in background. The Most Precious Gem in the World

The Most Precious Gem in the World

Raising A Precious Gem

Raising your children is perhaps the most difficult and challenging job you will ever face.

Complex as the job may be, we do it because we are human and we have a heart that is full of love and the rewards of parenting are many.  All the wonderful moments that we share with our family creates a lifetime of memories we store in our hearts that warm us all the days of our lives. We may forget most of the conversations but the love never dies, never fades.


I hope that as parents 

you see your children as priceless gems.

They are inheritors of our beautiful world. Teach them with love, praise and patience for their greatest teacher is you, and their future depends on how you treat them.

Sleeping Precious Gem. The Most Precious Gem in the World.

The Students and the Teachers

We are students in life and we are also teachers. My children were some of my greatest teachers. It really is true that those who push our buttons are our greatest teachers! When my youngest son told me, “Mom, you were mean when you were younger,” I was shocked and saddened hearing those words. The last thing I wanted to do was to be mean to my child. I didn’t know I could have told him, “Hey, I really love you, I do, and I was only doing what I knew.” I was not raised with patience. And the environments I experienced were often fearful and unpredictable.

We can only give to others what we have. When my son told me how he had felt, I had a shift in consciousness which helped me to be more aware of the dynamics in our relationship. 

Of all the treasures in the world,

there is nothing more precious and enduring

than giving someone a piece of your heart


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Psychology and the Ego

I had studied psychology and was well aware of the ego and how it can destructively manage the mind. “Knowing” this and being “conscious” of the ego’s tyrannical behavior are two very different things. I studied books on self-development and childrearing to be more aware of my thoughts and how my choices were affecting my relationship with my child and others.


As humans we have an ego that yearns to create competition; to win no matter what the odds. Competition in our personal relationships often creates conflict and unhappiness in our lives. This vying to be right all the time, especially since we’re “the parent,” creates conflict and drama. 

Little girl and teacher. The Most Precious Gem in the World teach

Children who do not receive nurturing and do not feel secure become miserable adults, creating one crisis after another reinforcing the ego’s lie that they are not worthy. It is from this place of unworthiness that addiction to substances and negative experiences arise. We get so used to feeling dejected and defeated that we create situations that perpetuate this lie. A lie we have been telling for so long we actually believe it. It is in the believing that it becomes “true.”

If you are having problems with your children do not find fault in them. The solution lies within you.

If you are having problems with your children do not find fault in them. The solution lies within you. Perhaps as I, you were talked at and not to as a child, therefore never learning to communicate with trust and honesty. 

Children who are taught reverence for all of

Life will become great teachers and

contributors to our world.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.
Little Girl Hugging a Globe. The Most Precious Gem in the World.

Encourage this for it is surely the way of the world that is leading towards Peace.


As you grow (heal) and do the work you need to do on you, you will see all of your relationships improve. To be aware is to change; to change is to create harmony within you and the world.

When we Love our Selves, we will create the Life (relationships) we Love

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