Fringe Dweller woman with eyes closed to masses.

The Fringe Dweller Adolescent

The evolution of humanity continues into adolescence as the vulnerable child moves into the next phase of life with scrutiny. Unbridled expression carries them through their life experiences as their untethered will blazes a trail.

As freedom seekers yearning to find a direction 

that best serves the creative self; the Fringe Dwelling adolescent creates a world that translates life into art.


Fringe dwelling teenagers carry the spirit’s memory of God and the Universe. Fortunate ones, raised by tender, loving parents, make this transitory stage with ease. With a quiet, loving heart, their peers meet them with tolerance and often, unspoken indifference.

Adolescent sitting under a big oak tree with a book, day dreaming.

Much like Olive Penderghast in the movie, “Easy A,” her parents did not sacrifice their own values and beliefs to the false truths of a superficial society. 

She was raised to be a free thinker,

independent of the “good opinion of others.” She had always felt different from others and her laissez faire attitude reflected tolerance concerning other peoples’ judgments of her.


Why was Olive, a free-spirited young woman so strangely unique and unlike most teenagers? She was different because she lived in the world, but not of it. Her mind was not obsessed and distracted by fashion, make-up, boys, and all the other trappings that consume those influenced by corrupt corporations and government. Unscrupulous individuals with deceptive advertising campaigns 

seduce the gullible with false promises,

peddling their toxic wares via television, radio and the printed word.

Free-spirited young woman Olive Penderghast from Easy A.

As a Fringe Dweller she is awake; immune to the devious and subtle hypnosis that has gripped and ravaged the lives of virtually everyone on the planet.


A world where the masses are taught what to think, instead of, 


for themselves. Public schools perpetuate a standardized system that indoctrinates young minds. Hopeful youth become just another cog in the workforce wheel as subliminal messages from the media instill fear, sickness and war, killing any dreams they might have had. There is however, an occasional albeit rare, Fringe Dwelling teacher- awake to the insanity of the masses- who encourages free thinking, independent thought. I was blessed to have a few of those.


Fortunate is the Fringe dwelling adolescent who is born to the Fringe Dweller parent. Such was the case of Olive Penderghast.  Her family’s love, and open communication taught her that it was safe to trust; to voice her opinions without fear of ridicule or criticism. Her parents did not exemplify superficial values and self-limiting beliefs common to the masses.


Dysfunctional families do not encourage nor teach independent thinking. Their confusion and negative energy unsettles the Fringe Dweller soul that seeks to understand the chaos. 

Often perceived as the “black sheep” 

of the family and frequently criticized for being independent and strong willed; their words often met with shame and condemnation. Seeking refuge from the psychological pain, the Fringe Dweller outwardly rebels while inwardly withdrawing. Honing their observation skills they study the masses, and do the opposite.

It is a challenging time for those that have no tribe to teach them to honor their truths; to be true to ideals that reflect their authentic selves. They are offered no words of wisdom that will guide and lead them to their soul’s path. No, the Fringe Dwelling adolescent is on their own.


I was born a Fringe Dweller. My family life consisted of many people, they were the masses. I was confused and endeavored to understand the emotional turmoil and confusion that had so many of them distracted. I was afraid, yet I kept looking for answers to the chaos that was before me. I read many books and studied religion and spiritual philosophy in an attempt to comprehend the world

I was born into, the world of the matrix, the masses.


As a teenager I carried much of the emotional burden instilled by years of tension and strife. My life took a new turn for the better when my environment drastically changed at the age of 13. By divine intervention I was sent to live with a Fringe Dweller. My new home altered the trajectory of my path and set the stage for my life’s purpose.


There are Fringe Dwellers out there.

We are not alone.



Emma Stone photo thanks to Bilqeeskenchi wallpapers

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