Silhouette of a family under a tree with the moon in background. Sunscreen Safety

Sunscreen Safety

Sun and Sunscreen

Are Your kids playing safe in the sun?


Having fun in the sun and doing it safely is easier than you think. It’s probably not what you think either.


We’ve taught to believe that sunscreen will protect us, especially our children from melanoma, or skin cancer. Despite decades of sunscreen use, those who use the most sunscreen (Americans and Australians) have the highest rates of skin cancer.

Mom applying sunscreen to her little girls shoulders. Sunscreen Safety

Sunscreen has come under fire, due to the natural health community of physicians and nutritional leaders, exposing the cancer-causing ingredients present in virtually every commercial brand.


Why have we been misinformed to the detriment of our family’s health? Profits. Chemical industries (such as Johnson & Johnson) do not value human life. In fact they pay out billions every year to family’s poisoned and killed by their products.

The Environmental Working Group is our powerful ally

and protection against the toxic foods, personal care, cleaning products, etc. You’ll find that most “chemical products” increase your risk of reproductive problems, allergies, birth defects, cancer, and more. In addition, most commercial products pollute our soil, drinking water and the planet.

Sun Exposure


While sunscreen safety is vital, there are some things you can do to minimize your sun exposure:


Wear clothing and a hat


Avoid the hottest hours of the day


Use a safe sunscreen (see Eden’s Picks below)


Eat fresh organic antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables


Keep your pH at an optimal level

In the article, The Best Suntan Lotion   


  • You’ll find safe and effective sunscreen. And how you can safeguard your family and the planet

  • Why avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor for all-cause mortality (death)

  • Why we aren’t warned

  • The worst sunscreen for kids

  • The best sunscreen for kids

  • Why food is your greatest weapon against all cancers



Using Sunscreens Can Make You a Magnet for Melanoma 

by Joseph Mercola, M.D.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

Have fun & play safe in the sun!

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