You Are Your Best Investment

Girl standing next to the words "We Seek To Be The Best" You are your best investment

We don’t usually think of ourselves as an investment. Investments are generally relegated to monetary matters; IRAs, 401 plans, and the like. While planning for your financial security is always a good idea, your greatest and most important asset is Yourself.

Investing in YOU will give you one of the best returns on your investment.

We've all heard of someone who obsessively dedicated their whole life acquiring money only to die prematurely because they neglected their body. They died because they did not realize they needed to invest in themselves, too.

As a matter of fact, most of us are focused solely on our jobs and live for the weekend. We live fast, and often, to our detriment, die hard.

Are You Worthy?

Unconscious feelings of unworthiness are often the reason we do not spend constructive time or money on ourselves. Having your nails or hair done, or buying expensive clothing or electronic gadget in lieu of healthy food, is not a wise contribution to your investment.

Looking good on the outside may help you feel better initially, but in the long run your body (and mind) will suffer.

How to Invest in Yourself

Begin to see yourself as a valuable human being. Fostering confidence in yourself will lead to happier and healthier experiences in your life.

  • Learn a new skill. Discover your creative self. Attend a class, seminar, or workshop to expand your knowledge and interests.

  • Get a new cook book and begin a healthy diet/lifestyle.

  • Exercise regularly. I've got some great tips to get you couch potatoes going. (Hint: I don't like to exercise either.)

  • Play! with your dog, cat, etc. Playtime is not just for kids! Hang out with fun, intelligent, active people.

  • Choose to be HAPPY. Happiness is a mindset. Unhappiness is a habit you've gotten good at, albeit, unhealthy and certainly not fun!

  • Build your knowledge. Get motivated and inspired to create a better you. You'll find many resources to inspire you on our Inspiration page. At the end of each article you will find audio books, CDs and more. Find one that resonates with you.

Reni’s Daily Investment Tips

  • Begin each day with gratitude. I thank God (higher power) for everything I have. (Especially the challenges.) Attitude sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving!

Remember to drink water throughout your day. You’ll have more energy and feel a lot better. Here's Ten Tips to Drinking More Water.

Sugary drinks, bottled fruit juice and caffeinated beverages are not adequate replacements for water.

  • Never skip breakfast unless Breakfast is your main meal OR you fast all day having no discipline to eat a healthy meal in the evening. Breakfast used to be the most important meal of my day. Until I discovered IF, or intermittent fasting. It's an old discipline that's enjoying a revival. I've been experiencing wonderful results from IF. See if this form of fasting may be right for you.

  • Eat fresh, whole foods. Your food (and water) is the most important investment you can make. Healthy, organic foods prevent and heal disease. Processed and overcooked foods contribute to malnutrition (starvation) which leads to disease. Get a healthy cookbook here.

  • Listen to inspirational CDs or videos. While I’m feeding my dog Scampy, watering plants, etc., I listen to motivational CDs or videos. Inspirational CDs are available on each inspiration article here at Eden's Corner. Whether you're looking to get centered for the day, or want a powerfully motivational conversation, the message you need is waiting for you.

Ask and it is given. Seek and ye shall find...

  • Practice yoga. I find yoga to be a wonderful way to start the day; get centered and strengthen my body. Doing a little yoga before bed helps to realign my spine so I sleep better and wake up without aches and pains.

  • Meditate. Meditation is perhaps the only true vacation you will ever have! A daily practice will help you "mind your thoughts" and create more harmony in your life. Meditation frees the mind (of its ceaseless chatter) and opens the path (communication) to one’s higher self. Where the answers to your purpose reside!

Here's my 5 Tips to Get Started Meditating.

  • Live mindfully. Learning to be emotionally aware of your thoughts and responses to others (and yourself) is an invaluable investment that benefits you and everyone else in your life.

  • Use your thoughts for good. Be kind to yourself. Smile in the mirror, and say “I love You.”

There are many more investment tools I use each day. You’ll find hundreds of them in my articles here on Eden’s Corner.

There is no greater investment you will ever make than the one that benefits you. Your life will improve, and also the life of those around you. -Reni

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