Why You Should Question Everything

In the days before smart phones, personal computers and “Google,” we got our facts from the news and our local librarian.

When a heated debate would ensue, we’d reach for our trusty encyclopedia. Our final mediator? The librarian. She had the books, the knowledge AND most importantly, the facts.

In today’s world, especially among the millennials, we’ve been taught (programmed) not "How to Think" but, what to think.

Unwittingly, outsourcing our health, food/beverage choices, and values/beliefs to an unseen conglomerate whose sole purpose is to amass profits without compassion or regard to human health.

Money drives the decisions that influence the public, not the health or concern of the consumer.

Most among us have lost our innate ability to operate our own survival mechanism: Common Sense. I call it practical wisdom.

License to Steal

The age of television ushered in a new channel for deceit and corruption. While radio, newspapers and magazines were doing a fine job of disseminating “misinformation,” aka propaganda, television took subliminal brainwashing to a whole new level.

Very few know that for over a hundred years virtually every belief and value affecting Americans (and others around the world) has been negatively influenced and manipulated.

Similar to sheep, the public has been groomed to do the bidding of unscrupulous corporations. Nefarious chemical industries control our medicine, food, water, and virtually every other commercial product. (If it's advertised on television there's a good chance it's toxic.)

Proof is in the Pudding

And that pudding is destroying lives, literally.

Television has manipulated generations of unsuspecting consumers who have placed blind faith and trust in a system that is not working. Outsourcing health to an industry that is a leading cause of death in America.

Celebrating and encouraging lab created junk foods and drinks that are toxic and devoid of nutrition. Food products that cause malnutrition (nutritional wasting) and contribute to an epidemic of “dis-eases” such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Lathering on unknown chemicals in an effort to look beautiful, smell better, and look sexy or successful, we are poisoning ourselves from within. (Not to mention the environmental havoc we're creating every time we purchase toxic products. Popular sunscreen for example, which is highly toxic and cancer-causing, is killing the oceans coral reefs.)

The Chemical Industry has 84, 000 unregulated chemicals at their disposal. Believing they're safe, we allow toxic chemicals to poison us via our food, water, personal care products, modern medicine, cleaning/yard products, and more.

Naively, we live out our lives unaware we are leaving a toxic legacy for the earth’s future generations.

Anyway, getting back to my original statement,

Question Everything…

Whatever isn’t working in your life, ask, “Why not?”

Let’s say your body has manifested a “dis-ease.” Instead of taking a pill for it, ask why it’s there in the first place. Illnesses do not appear because you’ve got a pharmaceutical drug deficiency. And if you stay on pharma drugs long enough, you’ll soon have a lot more ailments that will require more medications.

There is only one "dis-ease" and it has two causes:

Malnutrition and Toxicity

(A few people come into the world unlucky, but they are the exception.)

“The News” and television programming in general, is designed to keep you either afraid and warring with others, or consuming toxic products.

TURN OFF THE TELEVISION (especially the commercials) if you ever intend to think for yourself.

Thoughts can be toxic. If they are not your own and especially if they are not helpful to you or others. Television incites fear which leads to judgment, hate, anger, and dissatisfaction. If you have angst or unhappiness it is because you are filling your head with negative thoughts. Gathering your information from sources that do not serve you, will only lead to a life of discontentment and unrealized potential.

Question everything and learn how to think for yourself.

Tune out the outside world and go within. Inside you, there is nothing to fear. There is but peace and the real you, the person you were born to be.

“Forget what you’ve been taught, so you may remember what you already know.” -Reni

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