Why Mean People Rub Us the Wrong Way

Why Mean People Rub Us the Wrong Way

What is it about grouchy, hateful people that irritate us so much? Is it because they're offensive, rude and lacking in social etiquette?

Strangers you can avoid, but what do you do if it’s a family member that is a constant annoyance?

We've been taught to be polite (most of us) but sometimes it's really hard to pretend mean words don't hurt our feelings.

Our ego is like a green meenie on steroids; ready to jump in there to "protect and defend."

And it's so crafty we don't even know what's happening until the offensive words spill out of our mouths and we're thinking, "I said that?" Oh damn. And it's too late.

There's a good reason some people are mean, and it's not because of you. Mean people have one thing in common... Read more.

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