Who’s Telling the Truth?

Magnifying glass hovering over the word truth and finding it is made up of the word lies in very deceiving print.

That’s what I was thinking when we began this venture back in 2015.

We wanted a platform to share positive, uplifting, health and wellness information. A place for anyone seeking to eat healthier, live happier and find purpose in this life.

Every day blew my mind. I kept thinking, “Who’s Telling the Truth?” “What the heck is happening in the world?” Has everyone gone mad? Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems…

I had to get to the bottom of it. I naively thought I could share just the positive aspects of healthy living, and overlook the dark side.

Why most people are living with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual "dis-ease."

My pollyanna fantasy was crushed when I realized just how dark the forces for evil (ill-gotten gains) actually are. This poet's soul was disheartened, but I felt compelled, even inspired to face a challenge that would at times bring me to tears and to my knees.

Thousands of hours researching, hundreds of websites later…

In an effort to make sense of it all I came up with two rules.

I continue to use them every day when writing for Eden’s Corner.

Follow the Money & Proof is in the Pudding

1. Is the company promoting the product/belief motivated by money or compassion?

2. How is the product/belief affecting the consumer's quality of life?

Television ads for junk food, personal care products, home/yard cleaning, pharmaceutical drugs, etc., are funded by unscrupulous chemical companies who are above the law. Obviously, money is their bottom line. If they were motivated by compassion they wouldn't need attorneys to manage their countless lawsuits.

Toxic, unregulated chemicals are driving America’s trillion dollar per year sick care crisis while funding a business of disease. Disease management with a high cost and risk to human life.

I understand there will always be greed and corruption in the world. I believe people are basically kind and good. It is these thoughts I hold when I read of the horrific acts against humanity and I listen to the still small voice that says, "Do your best to help the world, and send the message of hope and love."

Eden’s Corner is here to empower you to live your healthiest and happiest life ever; to empower and to inspire you to discern the truth and know that within you lies your greatest asset and protector, your intuition. Your source that wants only for you to live in good health, good wealth, and share your life with the world.

Throughout our site you’ll find trusted resources:

Whether you’re looking for healthy cookbooks, information on healthy pet care, inspiration, natural healing, juicing, parenting tips & advice from the experts, how to cook real food, and more, you’ve come to the right place.

Listen to your intuition, your inner wisdom. BE FearLess, Choose LOVE.


How to Listen to Your Intuition

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