Who Needs Net Neutrality When You Can Manipulate the Internet?

Who Needs Net Neutrality When You Can Manipulate the Internet?

Months ago, rumors surfaced over suspected manipulation by Google, the most popular search engine on the web today.

Our trusted experts in the natural healthcare community were harshly criticizing Google’s tactics; stating they were being censored and backlisted. One even had all of his YouTube videos (Google owns YouTube, don't cha know?) removed for a short time.

We had no reason to discount their accusations. From our view, their reputation and internet longevity coupled with massive popularity, established their credibility.

Worse Than No Net Neutrality: The Fox is Running the Hen House

From independent to mainstream news, the word was out: Google’s ethics are much more than controversial. In fact, according to recode.net, in 2017, Europe fined Google 2.7 billion for manipulating search results.

CBC.ca boldly states Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are manipulating our lives and threaten our democracy.

Hey, wait a minute, I thought mainstream American television had already done that? You mean they don’t have the market on propaganda? Oh yea, they’re on the internet too.

Big Pharma’s Competition Cutting into Profits

Few realize the natural health care industry is under attack from the very nefarious miscreants who took natural medicine hostage over a hundred years ago; Big Pharma, the American Medical Association and the American government.

Whenever a natural doctor gets too much publicity for healing/curing a patient, they're either falsely discredited, ran out of the country (as in the case of the Gerson Clinic) or killed.

High-tech media (and billions of dollars) have made it possible for monopolies like Google to purchase Big Pharma/FDA backed ‘health’ sites such as WebMD. The pharmaceutical industry funds much of the FDA’s budget. There’s no question as to where their loyalty and deception lies.

As reported by The Washington Post:

"Google has established a pattern of lobbying and threatening to acquire power. It has reached a dangerous point … The moment where it no longer wants to allow dissent … Once you reach a pinnacle of power, you start to believe that any threats to your authority are themselves villainous and that you are entitled to shut down dissent. As Lord Acton famously said, 'Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.' Those with too much power cannot help but be evil.

Google, the company dedicated to free expression, has chosen to silence opposition, apparently without any sense of irony… [I]n recent years, Google has become greedy about owning not just search capacities, video and maps, but also the shape of public discourse. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, Google has recruited and cultivated law professors who support its views."

Facebook has also faced significant backlash for its role in disseminating misinformation and suppressing news to manipulate social media trends and beliefs (notions & assumptions). Recent concern over data privacy, has prompted many users, including celebrities, to delete their Facebook pages.

Just Google It! Or Not…

If you’re looking for honest health & wellness advice, you’re not likely to find it on the first page, or the second or the third. Unless you know the specific website name like www.edenscorner.com (that’s us 😊). You’re more apt to find a pharma-backed site like WebMD or Medscape. Check out our trusted resources here.

It’s quite scandalous. Sherman Anti-Trust Law? In a world of corruption, it appears money talks, at least for now.

Want an ethical search engine that doesn’t profile you? One with integrity (up to this point, at least) offering up honest health and wellness advice?

Use www.ghostery.com/ or www.duckduckgo.com search engines that don't censor/distort natural health or track you.

"Google" natural medicine and see how many troll sites come up. i.e., WebMD, Medline, gov sites, etc.

Now go to duckduckgo.com and see what comes up...

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