When it's Time for the Doctor…

When it's Time for the Doctor

My visit to the doctor, was like no other. The morning sky held an ominous yellow-orange hue that more than hinted at change, alarm, awareness…

As I peered out from the room’s shades, wondering where all the doctors had gone, the sun radiated its celestial energy, reminiscent of the summer tornado-skies of the Midwest and Deep South.

It was a rare solar eclipse that caught their attention. I quickly realized the anomaly was bringing people together, to unify and unconsciously connect.

With apprehension, I came to this place of healing. Past trauma was threatening to creep into my consciousness as I eagerly tapped it away.

You see my last visit(s) was a desperate attempt to heal from a life-threatening illness, a poisoning that was only days away from stealing my life.

But today was not so desperate. I was in good hands. I was in a place of healing, not harm. The oppressive summer heat that has enveloped the Pacific Northwest (and the past eleven summers since my homecoming), had left me fatigued… Concerned there may be an underlying medical issue, I sought the advice of my doctor. Not just any doctor though, and not just any medical facility. The Tahoma Clinic,

under the direction of well-known and respected author and pioneer of the natural health movement, holistic physician, Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

My doctor, similar to the other “natural doctors” at the clinic, is a naturopath. Naturopathic doctors assist their patients without harmful drugs and invasive surgeries to balance their mind/body system in order to heal themselves. Natural medicine heals with plant medicine. It is what our creator intended. It is how we became a species of billions...

Before being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I rarely saw a doctor. And after watching several people close to me die from the effects of pharmaceutical drugs- and observe the current world at large- I know conventional medicine is not the answer.

The healthy people I know do not take pharmaceutical drugs. They eat real food, drink filtered water and practice healthy lifestyle habits.

They are happy, stress-free, and live purpose-filled lives.

My prognosis is good. With natural medicine and the cool fall weather approaching, life is better than good, life is extraordinary...

For more on how natural medicine heals with nature, and how you can choose a healthier, happier and disease-free life, read here.

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