What Your Hair is Telling You

Abstract of woman with wild hair

Women it seems, fret more over their hair than men. When a woman loses her hair it’s nothing short of a catastrophe. Men seem to take hair loss in stride. Put a cap or hat on and they’re good to go. What bald head?

I’ve been blessed with what can only be called as “wild child” hair. As a teenager, it was a daily grind. It usually went under the iron or pulled back into a tightly wound braid. I wouldn’t dare get anywhere near a hairdryer. Does Roseanne Rosannadanna ring any bells?

As a grade schooler, I watched with intense curiosity as my mother’s venture through beauty school brought gasps of shock and amazement. Green hair, little fake hair (called wiglets), false eyelashes, several wigs that us girls loved (I secretly wanted to be a straight-haired blonde!) and the ever commanding request to cut, style and shape our hair and eyebrows. It was torturous.

Most of you gals, if you’ve lived long enough, may notice your hair texture, color and its curliness (or straightness) morphs without notice. It’s a trip to look back at old photos.

My hair was one long frizz when I was an adolescent living in the Pacific Northwest. Straighter and smoother in Arizona, and complete ringlet curls in Florida. After years of self-endured torture I decided I’d had enough. All those years of washing and combing (I couldn't get a comb through it when it was dry), had worn on me.

Hair Prisoner

I've always marveled at women that keep their tresses perfectly coiffed. It’s a pleasure to admire, albeit, not one I envy.

Women know hair styling can be a part time job. It can distract, and dismay even the calmest soul. And last minute hair jobs? Recipe for insanity. Hair goop, blow drying, curling...

Hair spray sales have surely slumped since the 80’s "Big Hair" era. Those were some crazy dos! And women who dye their hair? That’s a story unto itself. We won’t go there.

Hair Freedom

When I finally got the courage to cut it, I realized I was free. I could wash it in 2 minutes. Comb it in 10 seconds and I was done. Finally, hair freedom! I missed my long hair, but loved the extra time and ease it added to my life. And the savings on shampoo was a bonus!

Hair Tells a Hidden Truth

Your hair reflects what’s going on in your body.

Smokers tend to have dry, frizzy hair. Junk food addicts tend toward greasy, dull hair. Malnutrition and heavy metal or chemical poisoning tells a story that screams, “Y(our) body is struggling, help!”

Years ago, I was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning. Not just one, but five of the most lethal metals on the planet. My hair at the time had become lifeless. As I detoxed my body, my hair fell out by the handfuls. After years of detoxing and repairing and rebuilding my body, my hair has grown back into something so amazing I still thank God for it every day.

Nutrition (and detoxification) is everything

when it comes to health and beautiful hair.

As a health freedom writer, my observation has revealed that most hair products (including junk food and personal care products) have been taken hostage. They’ve become a dumping ground for the disgraceful and lawless chemical industry. Slick media advertising has seduced the public into buying products that contain chemicals so harmful they’re listed as hazardous materials! (Of the 80,000 chemicals allowed in the US, only 200 have been tested for toxicity.) The chemical industry has a lot of money, and corruption often surpasses compassion for humanity.

Is Your Shampoo Causing Hair Loss?

Popular shampoo and conditioner have known health risks. Your product may contain 5 of the most potentially toxic ingredients in personal care products. Many contain SLS, a registered pesticide. Known to cause hair loss which may be a sign of a more serious problem. There's dozens of other harmful chemicals inside that cleverly advertised bottle of "shampoo."

Good rule of thumb: If it has a commercial, DON’T BUY IT! This goes for food, too.

We’ve carefully selected products that are effective and safe for you, your family and the planet. Find our favorites endorsed by the Environmental Working Group here at Eden’s Personal Care Picks.

And if you're curious about the potential health risks of your “store bought” shampoo, go on over to EWG’s Skin Deep Database, and enter the name of your favorite product. You may be shocked to discover health concerns from allergies, to cancer, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and more.

Hair Update: After 6+ years of detoxing from heavy metals I have let my hair grow long. It's more work that's for sure, but now that it looks so good, I think I'll keep it around for a while :)

For beautiful hair, use a safe shampoo and nourish your mind and body well.

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