We Can Only Save Ourselves

We Can Only Save Ourselves

Once in awhile I forget we can't save other people. God knows, I've tried. It's never ended well...

I often wonder why some of us have a strong desire to preserve our bodies while others give little care or concern for the thoughts they put into their minds and the foods they consume.

I recently listened to a friend as she told me about her diet. She volunteered her daily fare as if it were a strict exercise regimen; 1 of these in the morning, 2 of those for breakfast, and only 6 of these for a snack. I didn’t say a word and was doing my best not to judge or reply with any negative comments. She quickly looked up and said, “You’re not going to tell me I can’t have my coffee!” I told her I wouldn’t tell her what to eat or what not to eat. I got the distinct feeling she knew her list of foods were unhealthy and wanted some kind of confirmation.

Over the years my experience in the healthcare field has taught me that unsolicited advice often leads to animosity. I listen and most times tread cautiously. And while it breaks my heart to see people suffer, I know that we can only save ourselves. The phrase, God only helps those who help themselves, means everyone has ‘freewill.’ (You'll get help but you’ve got to be ready to hear it and be willing to accept it.) We can teach by example when the student is ready, but we will never be another’s keeper.

And while many share a strong desire to preserve their own life, humanity is losing its ability to discern the truth. What once protected our species, common sense (the ability to use one's intuition), is disappearing from the fabric of humanity.

“We can only love others, we cannot save them.”


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