The Ultimate Gift

To giving hands with the Ultimate Gift

The Gift of LIFE

It’s been an amazing year of unexpected surprises, and gifts of healing.

My biggest gift, my ultimate gift, is the gift of LIFE.

The evening before my gift arrived I spoke to God and finally let go my resistance. That was the shift…

Over four decades have passed since I gave the ultimate gift away.

My heart has not ceased to remind me of the sacrifice I made. And the joy I hope it has brought to those who would honor, love and forever care for my gift.

The little girl I said goodbye to so long ago has come back into my life. And she’s not alone. She has arrived with two beautiful souls. Her gifts that she has brought into this world.

Each day can be a miracle. If you live it that way...

The Gift of Healing

Many have survived a life threatening illness. Some have fared better than others...

2017 was an amazing year of physical/emotional healing for me.

I discovered an amazing healing technique.

Combining the practice of neurolinguistics and the ancient healing art of Chinese acupressure; I was able to make a quantum (healing) leap in one year of practice that I could not accomplish in 20+ years of "doing the work."

The original version of this healing modality remains beneficial. I have practiced it for over 7 years. It saved my life when I experienced torturous pain from the poisoning effects of 6 different heavy metals.

However, what one man has done to perfect the art of tapping is mind-blowing. It's changing the way people carry traumatic memories thereby, relieving PTSD, chronic illness and relationships issues.

If you are willing to heal your emotional/physical issues, you will find it to be one of the most pain releasing techniques you’ve ever experienced…

Gift of Compassion

Eden’s Corner continues to drive my passion to contribute to the world. I know that there is nothing greater we can offer than the gift of love, resources and inspiration for the betterment of humanity and our beautiful earth.

It has been hard at times. I understand polarities- good and bad- will always exist, however, I am at times disheartened by humanity. Shocked, appalled and sad beyond measure.

I cannot comprehend how corporate profits could ever be more important than compassion for human suffering.

What Rick and I have found in our research is mind-blowing, to say the least. Even more amazing (and sad), most aren’t aware that it’s happening.

Our food, water, and medicine, have been taken hostage by nefarious corporations. And it’s killing us and our earth.

It is this injustice that compels us to consistently persevere; determined to reach as many people as possible.

There is good news... When we know better, we can do better.

And that is why Eden’s Corner is here. And why every day I wake up asking, “How may I serve?”

We've been created for a special purpose. It is our duty, our gift to the world that we discover who we are and why we are here

We are magnificent creators. Here to love, be loved and serve the world with our Ultimate Gifts.

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