The Best Teacher

Classroom, apples and the best teacher.

Every great teacher tells the same story. A story that touches your heart with a memory, and becomes a part of you. Beyond the words, beyond the books, beyond the lesson…

It may be a school teacher, a mother, or friend. Someone that enchanted your mind, your soul, and sparked ideas that ignited creativity within you.

The year was 1967. And for one magical, extraordinary year, I was blessed to have the love and friendship of a most wonderful woman. It was third grade and she was Mrs. Siebert. It was one of the few years of my “school career” that I felt my presence was welcomed. I wished she was my mother. And I often secretly fantasized she would marry my father and take me away…

Many teachers followed in the decades since, yet it wasn’t until I "grew up" that I realized my “best” teachers were far from being my favorites. My best teachers were stern, sometimes scary and often brutal. The lessons they taught me shaped my character, my personality and brought me closer to understanding myself.

The difficult and often challenging teacher is here to wake us up to who we are.

When we make the shift from anger and resentment to forgiveness and gratitude, a new world of experiences and opportunities unfold.

The realization that life is happening for you, not to you, brings relief and acceptance of others. God/Universe brings people into our lives so that we may learn and also teach lessons that we need to benefit ourselves and each other. And to realize we have work to do on ourselves to become the best we can be.

And while our favorite teachers have a way of reminding us that we are worthy and lovable, and have extraordinary talents and potential, it is the “best” teacher that can show us the way to get there.

Be aware, the angel within is often dressed as a scoundrel.

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