Thanksgiving: Feast or Fast?

Beautiful Water Fall, Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with laughter, the love of family and a multitude of long anticipated delicacies. Feasting is not necessarily associated with fasting, but this year is different.

Gorging on rich meat, gravy, and cream-laden vegetables do not appeal to our plant-inspired palettes as they once had. We have made a quantum leap from traditional foods to those that work best in our bodies.

Much Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

It wasn’t always easy. And it didn’t come right away. Over a period of years, spurred on by health issues and firm scientific evidence, we made the shift to a plant-based diet, one that would add not only quantity but quality to our lives. (At least that’s what the science says.)

Water Fasting

When we first discovered the amazing health benefits of fasting with water, we were blown away. We had learned a lot about health and nutrition since starting our wellness website quest, and to say we were excited was an understatement.

Besides, we figured if it’s good enough for Moses and Jesus, it’s good enough for us. Historically speaking, all major religions emphasize fasting as a part of their custom.

Since we’ve just begun our fast, we don’t have much to report. Science explains that within the first 3 days of water fasting, toxins are removed from the body and the blood is cleansed.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll share the outcome of our fast and provide research links for those of you curious about this ancient practice of cleansing, repair and healing.

We hope your feast this year was delicious and your gathering heartfelt. For those of you who overindulged this year, I’d like to share 6 post-feast yoga poses to help your digestion. Some you can do before rising each day.

These yoga poses come from the Chopra Center, co-founded by one of my mentors who inspired my awakening over 20 years ago. ( I’m still waking up, enlightenment is a journey!)

Namaste everyone,

which means,

the spirit in me honors the spirit in you!

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