Do You Suffer With SAD (ness)?

Snowy winter road scene

Summer has ended and a new season is upon us. Here in the north land, it's a time to shift gears; focus on our internal environment, and say goodbye to the fun days of summer.

After a scorching summer in the Pacific Northwest, I am longing for the cool days of winter. (The dark days, not so much.)

Once again, I have learned to count my blessings. I have fared much worse a climate than the mild, rain soaked Pacific Coast. You see for many years I endured Siberian blasts while living in the Midwest, and while the spring and fall are spectacular there, its brutal winters are more than I can bear.

If you suffer with SAD, or seasonal affective disorder,

there's hope on the horizon.

To survive and thrive the dark days of winter, we must make a mental shift before winter arrives, if we are to survive with our wits intact. Adopting winter survival coping skills can make this winter not only tolerable, but enjoyable as well.

To our friends “down under” and in other parts of the southern hemisphere, Happy Spring! And for you “Sun Worshipers” who use sunscreen, we’ve got some crucial words of advice,

“Know what’s in your sunscreen!”

Toxic chemicals in common sunscreen have been linked to skin cancer, and other life threatening illnesses.

Recently, a study published in the Journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology found a common ingredient (oxybenzone) in sunscreen can harm or kill coral, thereby destroying entire coral reefs. (Hawaii has banned sunscreen containing oxybenzone for this reason.) And if it's killing coral reefs, what's it doing to you?

Do You Suffer With SAD

Please peruse "Sunscreen Safety" for a list of non-toxic sunscreen that will protect you and your family without the dangerous chemicals found in commercially advertised brands. And learn why sun avoidance is dangerous to your health and to growing children.

At Eden’s Corner, we have plenty of "tried and true" methods that will make this dark time of year more tolerable and hopefully, enjoyable.

Whatever the season, have fun, be well & enjoy!

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