Spring Cleaning Your Diet?

Spring Cleaning Your Diet

Adopting healthy eating habits can be challenging. We've sorted and searched and found cookbooks rich with nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

Whether you’re GF, vegan or eat a traditional diet, these cookbooks from chefs, physicians and nutritionists offer recipes that make it easy to choose, cook and eat delicious foods without depriving yourself of pleasure.

Gluten-Free Diets: More Popular Than Ever

Wheat intolerance has become a big problem for many. Fortunately, there are many wonderful recipes that use easy to find ingredients and desserts so delicious they're soon become your favorites.

Renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Steven Gundry, offers 100 easy-to-follow recipes to help you lose weight, heal your gut and live longer and better. The Plant Paradox Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin-Free. This revolutionary book goes beyond gluten, as it addresses the problems of lectin, found in many foods.

Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole Food, Grain-Free Desserts

From LA’s trendy bakery comes indulgent, yet healthy gluten and dairy-free desserts. All treats are paleo, and many are vegan and raw.

Recipes are uncomplicated, beautiful and satisfying.

Delicious (Everyday) Food

If you’re not GF, or vegan, you’ll love the recipes in this book by chef Sam Kass (former chef to the Obamas).

Eat a Little Better: Great Flavor, Good Health, Better World

Sam Kass makes it easier to do a little better for your diet--and the environment--every day, through smart ways to think about shopping, setting up your kitchen so the healthy stuff comes to hand most naturally, and through 90 delicious, simple recipes.

Please see the message below: Carnivores Take Note!

Back to Eden

Plant-based diets are becoming super popular as science confirms what many have known for eons:

Food found in nature is our medicine.

Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health by Joel Fuhrman

Want to eat delicious food that allows you to lose weight and keep it off permanently without hunger or deprivation?

Throw away your medications and recover from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes?

Then Eat to Live Cookbook is just what you've been looking for!

Check out Eden's Healthiest Cookbooks, we've got some great cookbooks there.

Carnivores Take Note

As a carnivore, you’ve probably realized (or heard) that eating more fruits and vegetables are not only healthier for you, but you actually feel better too. We hope you’re sourcing local grass fed meat. Animals grown in CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations) are given excessive amounts of antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically modified food, inappropriate diets and more. Not a good choice is you want a healthier lifestyle.

Important Note: Eden’s Corner does not personally endorse every diet type or recipe. We offer resources and advice from reputable experts in their field of expertise.

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