ROI: Getting the Best Return on Your Investment

ROI: Getting the Best Return on Your Investment, many helping hands.

Getting an unexpected return on your investment is a bonus.

A serendipitous gift…

Recently, while out with friends and family at a nearby restaurant, an anonymous stranger kindly paid for our dinner. When our waiter explained someone had paid for our meal (and insisted on remaining nameless), I found myself feeling confused, experiencing disbelief. I couldn’t imagine why our seemingly rational waiter would quip about something so serious. I quickly realized he was being sincere and my thoughts turned to gratitude.

Without hesitation, our attention fell upon the waiter. I sensed he was a bit apprehensive. Perhaps he felt overworked. Maybe

the Christmas season was weighing heavy upon him.

My present company seemed to feel it as well. We quickly agreed he would receive a generous tip. Someone mentioned the movie “Pay it Forward” -a must see if you’re in the mood for a heartfelt drama.

I realized I had received a wonderful return on my investment.

Put Good Out for a Good Return on Your Investment

As we handed him his tip he graciously thanked us. He quietly

mentioned it had been a slow day and this would really help.

As I held back my tears I thought of all the kind people who had done things for me over the years.

And my paying it forward- giving to others without expecting anything in return- had created an infinite circle of giving.

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