Most Important Job in the World

Most Important Job in the World

Is it being a parent? A doctor? A teacher? A police officer?

Not even close.

Why are we clueless to the one job that will make the most significant difference in our lives?

Let’s look at humans in general.

Busy bees we are. Practiced at the art of “doing.” Getting this or that done, completing everything on our “to-do” list… As if life were to fall apart should we forget something.

Successful career-focused individuals get the work done, often with much praise and financial reward. Unfortunately, they’ve become so successful at “making a living,” they fail to make a life…

Superficial satisfaction comes at a steep price; personal enjoyment, satisfying relationships, a healthy body, all suffer because too much attention is given to the stuff we “think” matters. Others’ opinions ingrained since childhood subconsciously motivate the oblivious.

Trained to live life as a worker bee; we're unaware that the real work, the important stuff, isn’t found in an office, a factory or a classroom.

The most important job, and if you don’t do this one every day you can expect poor health, miserable relationships and a life of regret and dissatisfaction:

The job, the real work, is YOU.

Yes, YOU. There’s a person inside you. The real person, the one that knows why you are here and what you were born to do with your life.

But you’ll never meet that person unless you do the work. And yes, it’s work. The pay off, the reward? More than you can ever imagine...

Every day you have two choices:

Stay distracted and pretend that life is “okay,”

or wake up to your potential and discover the incredible person you really are.

Ready? Ask and it is given. Seek and you will find...

Resources to Help You Understand (You are Much More Than a Judgmental Meat Suit) & How to Get to Know the REAL You

YouTube Videos

Your Youniverse Channel is a great place to start. Read the titles. Let your intuition guide you to what you need. When you find one or two you like, study them daily. Work one or more hours each day on you.


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