Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle

Leaning against a tree, Life was never meant to be a struggle.

We’ve been taught to believe that life should be a struggle. That we must work hard to be successful and nothing worthwhile comes easy. And if it should come easy we didn’t deserve it in the first place.

Lies. All lies. You are so much more than a worker bee. And you don’t need to suffer…

Are Killer Kravings Running Your Life?

The problem is, most of us live by default. We actually believe we are thinking for ourselves. In a daze, we go about living out the lies we’ve been told are true. Lies that destroy our happiness. We’ve become prisoners of our own thoughts. Thoughts that are not true.

Beliefs, such as food companies make healthy food, drug companies make medicines that heal our bodies, and the government is watching out for us. If those beliefs were true, America would be a nation of healthy, happy and productive people. Not the case. Most of us are sick, dying and miserable.

Life is Supposed to Be Fun for You

If it ain’t fun, don’t do it! Even mundane chores can be made into a fun activity. It’s all how you think.

Your attitude is everything. And happiness is only a thought away. But to get there you’ve got to pick up some tools. Learn how to play.

Believe you deserve to be happy, and you will. Happy people are fun to be with and feeling good is also good for your body. Research shows having fun makes you smarter, too!

7 Habits of Happy People lays a great foundation to "get happy" and take control of your life.

Follow Your Dreams

Living life without purpose is akin to dragging a heavy weight around. Nothing weighs heavier than your burden of potential. You are here on this earth, not to toil unhappily, but to discover your bliss; your purpose, your passion for this life you have come to live.

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