Life: The Great Balancing Act

Walking The Great Balancing Act -Life

Life is a balancing act that will test the strongest among us. If your plate is full with too many things to do, chances are you're neglecting to fill yourself up first.

How do you prioritize the countless things on your mental “to do” list without going crazy?

You can let life whip you into a frenzy, or you can stop, take a breath and remember one word, TRIAGE! Life can throw some mind-boggling hurdles in your path. It happens to everyone, no one is immune. With life there will be moments of sadness and disappointment, and for many, betrayal and abandonment. It isn’t what happens to us that makes life difficult, it is how we react that determines our level of suffering, pain, and mental confusion.

You Can Learn A lot from Others

Life can be better, but you have to want it. No one really likes to suffer. What if you think you deserve to suffer, that life is meant to be a struggle? Your old paradigm- beliefs taught to you by well-meaning adults since the day you were born- can make your life a living hell. You’ll never balance your life if you’re doing the same old stuff that makes you miserable. Observe others. Are they calm during a crisis? Does life seem to “go their way?” If they’re “keeping it together,” and managing the storms of life with a seeming calm, well, that’s the behavior you want.

Discover Your Road to Freedom

I grew up in an emotional war zone. Panic, impatience, frenetic energy were the common states of the many adults in my life.

I decided I didn’t want to live the chaotic, stress-filled lives of my elders.

I wanted to be carefree, joyous and fearless. Unfortunately, it took me decades to break free from my tribal conditioning. Today I continue to “do the work.” Thankfully, the age of information is making it easier to find the teachers that we need. When we change our thoughts, our lives change.

Balancing one’s life doesn’t have to feel like walking over hot coals, or leaping tall hurdles. When you change your old thoughts and beliefs and begin thinking and believing new beliefs that serve you, your life will be a wonderful world worth living. And when unexpected events threaten to rock your world, you will see them with greater clarity and emotional awareness. Then you are free.

Your mind is either your servant or your master.

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