Just Breathe…

When tragedy strikes, life becomes a waking nightmare. It can throw a mean curve ball. You never see it coming, and when it hits you, you’re dazed and in shock. Questions come to mind and no matter how much “rationalizing” you do, it’s futile. Things just happen. Or do they?

When my good friend and cousin died this week, I found myself wondering, “Would he have lived beyond the age of 52 if he'd been healthier? Would he have died regardless of his lifestyle because it was his time?” Is there a divine plan that orchestrates the precise moment of life and death?

We may never know, and when we die I don’t think it will matter. What does matter is how we live today.

Everyone who comes into our life teaches us what we need to learn. There are no accidents and I believe my friend had many messages I will continue to learn for the rest of my life. He was a constant reminder to live in the present moment, appreciate the little things in life, and to count my blessings in the special people who have made my world a better place.

I will never forget Paul’s laughter or the way he would smile when he talked about the ‘Beatles’ or his trip to England. What I will remember is the love that fills my heart for a friend I will miss terribly.

And in the moments I find myself holding my breath and my tears, I will remember, just breathe…

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