Is Your Pet Over Vaccinated?

Is Your Pet Over Vaccinated?

Vaccines are necessary to shield young puppies and kitties from fatal diseases. And every conscientious pet guardian will do whatever it takes to ensure their loved one is protected.

What if your pet’s veterinarian is unknowingly putting your fur family at risk? The current vaccine schedule used by many veterinarians calls for annual immunizations often called an annual “Wellness Exam.”

Your vet may suggest your kitty be immunized against chlamydia, and your dog could receive a vaccine for plaque and tartar.

Recent research shows multiple vaccines given over the course of a lifetime to be unnecessary and may even be detrimental to your pet’s health. So why are pets given vaccines that could injure or kill them?

Discover what the experts have to say and how you can protect your loved one from becoming another vaccine statistic.

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