Is Your Home Making You Sick? Women, Children & The Elderly At Risk

Environmental toxins are making us sick. While virtually unknown and often misdiagnosed by mainstream medicine, chemical poisoning may very well be our latest 21st century disease.

In the US alone, there are about 80,000 unregulated chemicals. Many of these are banned worldwide yet easily accessible to the average American consumer; disrupting our hormones and leading to cancer.

Those at risk are most susceptible and experience a host of debilitating symptoms. Unregulated chemicals in our foods, clothing, cleaning, beauty, and healthcare products are wreaking havoc and creating a toxic burden on our bodies.

This “Environmental Poisoning” has been coined “Tilted,” others refer to the syndrome as “Environmental Illness.” Perhaps you have allergies to foods you've been eating for years, or a skin rash, or headaches.

Please visit Toxic World to peruse the videos and understand the importance of removing toxins from your home and body.

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