How to Change the World (and why it’s a good idea…)

How to Change the World, hand holding the world.

You’re probably thinking it’s impossible to change the world. That you have no control over what’s happening “out there.” After all, what could one person possibly do to change anything that’s going on in this crazy world of uncertainty and chaos?

Plenty. As a matter of fact, you’re doing it already. Chances are you’re not even aware of it. Stay with me here, you’re about to take a quantum leap into the unknown. (Maybe you’re one of the few- we call Fringe Dwellers- who are aware of their power and ability to change the world.)

You are changing the world every day. Every second of every moment, you are doing it with your thoughts.

Your thoughts are not only ideas, they are your creations as well. No matter how trivial they may seem, your thoughts have power. Thoughts are energy and thoughts become things.

Try this experiment for yourself:

Think of a belief you hold and ask yourself if it is true.

One common belief many hold is that if there’s a virus going around they will get sick too. They often say, “There’s a flu bug going around, I always catch it.” Of course they do, it is what they believe.

Perhaps you hate your job or dislike your boss. You might say something like, “My boss doesn’t appreciate me,” or, “My boss is rude and condescending.” That will always be your reality because you believe it and you're putting it out there with your thoughts.

For one week, mind your thoughts. I guarantee you’ll experience changes that will amaze you.

Observe whatever chronic problem(s) that’s been bothering you for a while. Rephrase your thoughts when bothersome issues with your children, mate, your work, etc. begin to make you feel uneasy or angry.

What words will lead you to the direction of what you want? Every time you have a negative thought such as, “My husband just won’t help me around the house.” Rephrase your thoughts in a positive way by stating, “I am so grateful now that I have a helpful partner.” Keep looking for reasons to feel good about your helpful mate.

Show appreciation to them and most importantly, keep your thoughts in the present moment, NOW. Do Not say, I’ll be happy when… That kind of thinking keeps your desires in the future and out of reach...

Whatever your thoughts, it is crucial they make you feel good. How do you know your thoughts are serving you (and the world) well? By the way you feel. Your body’s senses are your indicator that the words you say are either helping you or hurting you.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (World)

Taking a quantum jump into the mass consciousness of the world takes no effort. You’re already doing it.

Do you believe the world is a peaceful and beautiful place, or one that is frightening and on the verge of collapse?

Your belief of the world- the reality you see outside you- is a reflection of the world inside you… That may sound confusing and unbelievable if this is your first time hearing this. But it is true. The proof is in the person. Find someone that is happy, peaceful and fun loving. You will find they do not listen to negative news from television and other media sources. And they see the good in others. When we make an effort to see only the good in others, more good things will come into our own lives.

Positive people know their thoughts create their reality. And feeling good ALWAYS feels better than feeling bad.

Most of us are asleep, within in a matrix, believing we have no power or choice to create a better life, hence, a better world. Our thoughts flow into our minds by default. We are lazy thinkers; often unaware we’re getting upset and anxious for no good reason. We’ve had a lifetime of programming by well-meaning people who did the best they could. They just didn’t know any better.

Terrible things will always happen in the world. But you needn’t suffer, beat drums against those things or make it your life purpose to fight against something. Fighting against anything only makes a problem worse.

The war against drugs has not solved the drug problem.

The war (fight) against cancer has not “cured” cancer. (The “cure” was discovered decades ago.)

When Mother Teresa was asked to march against the Vietnam War she responded by saying, “I will not march against the war. If you have a march for peace, I will be there.”

Changing the world begins with the one inside you. Make peace with your thoughts, your life and your world. Only then will you change the world outside of you, for the betterment of humanity and our planet.

“Thoughts have the ability to create Peace, they can also create destruction.” -Reni

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