How Peaceful is Life, Really?

How Peaceful is Life Really

If you listen to the news and read the papers you’d think Armageddon was in full swing. Granted, it may appear that way, and looks can be deceiving...

But are we really living in peace? Is peace like happiness? Do we search outside ourselves like the brainwashed consumer searching for the ever elusive “happy” - attempting to fill a void with material possessions, entertainment, junk food, etc.?

Do you get “happy,” and peace follows? Or is it the other way around? What if peace really isn’t out there? But in here.

I went on a happy quest once. It was a thousand-mile journey that took many painstaking years of inner struggle and turmoil. I kept wondering, “Where is my happy place, how can I get there?”

I searched diligently in books, anything to help me out of my continual torment and discontent. I maintained my sanity (or so I thought) by exchanging my eating disorder for another disorder: I became a relentless workaholic. I kept myself so busy working that I neglected the care and nurturing of my physical and spiritual body.

Undeniably, I had thus far, created all of my life with fearful thoughts and negative thinking. I had become adept at making my life miserable. I was a “busy” person, yet I was carrying my burden of potential by not serving my purpose in this lifetime. I was not in touch with my higher power, therefore wandering aimlessly, like the proverbial ship without a rudder.

After years of soul-searching to reveal the truth I figured it out. My happy place was inside me! Despite having read about this concept in countless books, I didn’t get it until years later. Perhaps that’s why life experience is much more profound than book experience.

I believe it took me a long time to understand what happiness and peace really are because I had been so traumatized in my early life. I was enslaved by my ego and responding to negative subconscious habits, thus reacting to life out of fear.

Every time we disrespect ourselves, fight or spread poisonous words toward another we are reacting from fear.

“There is no conflict outside ourselves, only conflict within.” -Reni

Conditioning, brainwashing, whatever you call it, has happened to virtually every one of us. Having a mentality that feels separate from others creates fear and mistrust and often causes people to harm one another.

Living life without connection to one’s self, higher power and others, fosters discontent and loneliness. Loving ourselves is the foundation from which ALL our relationships evolve.

"When love orchestrates the world, peace is its music." ~Reni

“Plant seeds of love in your heart, and they will bloom into beautiful flowers.” -Reni

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