Can Hate and Violence Disappear Within a Generation?

How Can Hate and Violence Disappear Within a Generation

Humanity has been warring since the dawn of time. Civilizations conquered, annihilated, vanished from existence…

Why then do great spiritual thinkers and leaders of our time believe entire cultures can undo a million years of hatred and hostility?

Years ago, I would have argued against the notion that we as a species, could ever unite as one and become peaceful human beings; accepting and kind to others. With no motive other than the hope that others were happy, successful in their endeavors, and each contributing to the betterment of humanity and the world.

What may sound unimaginable to many, I believe is possible. For I have seen the transformation within myself and those of others…

How then can we eradicate an emotion so ingrained within our minds that we live from it as though there was no other choice?


To the uninitiated, the very word conjures suspicion, nonsense, misunderstanding.

Meditation, when practiced daily, connects you to the divine soul that resides within you. It is the one you feel when you hold your baby, care for another, delight in another’s joy. Whenever your heart is warmed with gladness you are feeling your soul’s expression.

Imagine living and treating others as a soulful being… Imagine feeling good most of the time. No judgements, accusations or ridicule.

“When we stop the war within ourselves, we won’t need to fight anymore.” -Reni

Take the quantum leap from fear to love… It is the only way we'll ever change the world. The one within and ultimately, the one without…

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