Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Dangers and hazards are everywhere. What is a parent to do? If you watch the evening news you’d think there’s a germ invasion on the verge of taking over your home.

And if you don't buy the advertised chemicals they'll take over and make you and your home sick. Even weeds have become a public enemy. The scare tactics used by the media are so effective we think nothing of poisoning our homes and yards. Most aren't aware they're poisoning themselves and their vulnerable children.

I cringe when I walk into a garden center. As the acrid odors of chemicals waft into my nostrils, I hold my breath, hoping the toxic fumes don’t reach my bloodstream.

I look around at consumers putting toxic chemicals into their carts and I feel as though I’m in a horror movie where the people have been programmed for self-genocide; oblivious that these products are poisoning their families, contaminating ground water, nearby streams and the animals (and humans) that depend on that water and soil.

There’s an unbelievable 80,000+ UNREGULATED chemicals in the U.S. They're in everything from personal care products (lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, etc.) to food. Common “baby products” are nothing more than petroleum laced toxins with countless carcinogenic compounds. Baby oil is one of the worst. Environmental Working Group has analyzed its ingredients and found it to be toxic to organs and the immune system. Read their data assessment here and also see how your personal care products rate.

Not only are toxic chemicals in garden and household products, but shockingly, in the foods you eat. Over 80% of the food products in U.S. grocery stores are contaminated with genetically modified organisms and chemicals. Many of these chemicals are addictive. There are over 10, 000 different lab created chemicals in processed foods.

Good Rule of Thumb:

Don’t clean, kill bugs or other critters, fertilize, etc. with products labeled:


Don’t eat:

Any processed food that comes in a box, can or package. There are a few exceptions, however. Processed foods certified organic or non GMO project certified are safe to eat in moderation.

Don’t put anything on your body:

Especially on a vulnerable child’s body that is NOT organic. Toxins on the skin go into the bloodstream. Scented products are especially toxic, unless made from ingredients found in nature that are safe for human skin. Consult EWG’s Skin Deep Data Base before putting anything on your precious child.

Nature/God has given us everything we need. Believe in that which has been naturally created. There is nothing better on this earth than the materials our divine creator has provided for us.

Have a happy & healthy home, nature's way!


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