Having Fun in the Sun?

Beach hat, sunglasses, towel and sunscreen.

The warm weather is here. Time to play. We love the sun but we don’t want to get burned and dreaded melanoma, it’s enough to get you running for the sunscreen. Lather it on and protect yourself good, right? WRONG.

For decades, we’ve been misinformed. Data proves many suntan lotions are not only ineffective, but may actually cause cancer, not prevent it. Why weren’t we warned? If it isn’t safe or effective, why is it advertised on television? Why is it sold in stores? Sad to say, we’ve not only been duped out of our money, but poisoned as well.

In the United States there are 84,000 unregulated chemicals in everything from food, home & yard products and personal care items. Many are listed as hazardous materials and carcinogenic. To the public’s detriment, we’re permitted (even encouraged!) to buy highly poisonous products without truly understanding how damaging they are to us and the environment.

New data shows suntan lotion use on young children is putting them at risk for rickets. Rickets is easily prevented with sufficient vitamin D (adequate sunshine) and calcium. Blocking the sun’s rays can be problematic in many ways.

We know that most suntan lotion isn't safe, so what do we buy? What’s the safest and most effective sunscreen?

Find it here on Eden’s Corner. You’ll also discover what products children should never have on their skin (and why), how your favorite brand stocks up, how to stay safe in the sun, and what the experts have to say about sun tanning.

We’ve got the best brands that don’t poison to protect you and your family.

Happy Summer everyone! Stay safe in the sun!!

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