Getting Priorities Straight

Getting Priorities Straight

Despite all our 21st Century conveniences, we're busier and more stressed out than ever.

So much to do. Everything seems a priority...

What if you have A LOT on your list and feel overwhelmed, burned out and depressed by all the pressure? Do you lighten your load or mentally lose it? You could get sick or hurt (that takes the pressure off for a while), run away, or threaten mutiny. Unfortunately, those tactics rarely work.

And if you think you don't have enough "time" to do what you need to do in a day, guess what? You'll never have enough "time."

Whatever you think about all day is what you create in your life.

What's Most Important?

Knowing what to keep and what to discard is the first step to keeping your wits and sanity intact.

Your first priority should always be YOU.

You can't care for number 2 (everyone and everything else in your life) unless you take care of number 1. YOU.

Mind your mind. Your mind is the fertile soil from which your thoughts and actions germinate.

Positive thoughts reap positive results. Negative thoughts will always reap negative results.


Locating your GPS, or good, positive strategies is easy when you know where to look.

Making a daily list of priorities sounds good. But to get what you need you have to go within.

Life doesn't have to be FULL CATASTROPHE LIVING. If it is, it's a choice you've made.

I did it for years. At least until I picked up some tools and techniques, most of which I still use today.

Desire to Be A Better You

Dedicate yourself to creating a better version of who you are now.

Make it a priority to improve your mind and body every day. Taking time to care for yourself will benefit every area of your life.

Make no mistake, it takes consistent mental work to de-condition your mental programming.

Much to their waste and detriment, lazy people prefer to let others think for them. Listening to the media's deceptive and damaging propaganda (news, most tv shows, & commercials) will fill your head FULL of negative, fearful thoughts.

The media's subliminal brainwashing is living death to the masses. You won't learn anything except the destructive beliefs and lies the corporate media trains you to believe.

Spiritually uplifting programs are good for the soul, however. Shows that educate, inspire and encourage can be beneficial to your personal growth. You’ll know if it’s something you need by how you feel.

You Are More Than a Task Master

Tasks, chores, responsibilities. We all have them. Whether you hire out the "busy work" jobs or do them yourself, there will always be “stuff to do.” How you decide what you want in your life will determine your busy-ness and your level of “stress.”

You are a magnificent being. Created to express unique talents and gifts to share with the world.

Your expression of these gifts is your bliss. Following your bliss will bring you the WON thing everyone wants (it isn't money or fame),


Study Every Day

Peruse the links in this article to have mind altering shifts...

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