Fun Things to Do with Kids This Summer

Kids hiking, fun things to do with kid this summer.

The kids are home and life is busy. Keep them happy and on the right path with fun ideas that won’t break the bank or have you running all over town. Here's some great kid-friendly activities to get you started.

Kid’s Snacks & Meals

When it comes to food, children are like chickens; they love to peck all day! And of course, they love to help in the kitchen. Meal & snack prep will teach them to be organized and focused. It’s also a great way to bond as a family. Eden’s Corner has some easy to make snacks your kids are sure to love.

Read to Your Children

Every summer I encouraged my children to read a book a week. Start reading to them before they can walk and chances are you’ll have a child that will be a lifelong learner. For expert advice on getting your child to read (and why it's crucial to healthy development) visit the article, "Getting Your Child to Read.”

Play Games

Board games and card games such as Go Fish, are fundamental to learning. Older children can assist their younger siblings which will teach them many useful skills they'll apply as they become adults.

According to, "Game Night" can help your child solve problems, get better grades in school, improve motor skills, and it's just plain fun.

Pick Berries/Fruit

As a youngster, our family was always on the hunt for "real food." We picked berries, apples, cherries, asparagus, anything and everything that was in season.

This year we took the granddaughters to pick strawberries. They were very proud to display their flat of berries to their folks. This week starts blueberry season and we are ready to go! And remember kids love rewards. My mother used to tell us kids she’d make us banana nut bread if we’d crack the walnuts. That was one time I didn't mind cracking a few nuts! My grandmother’s reward was a delicious pie for a bowl of fresh picked blackberries.

If you're in the United States you can find your local Farmer's Market, U-pick farm or CSA (community supported agriculture) here.

Farmer’s Market

Your child will be amazed at the treasures to be found at your local Farmer’s Market. Here in the Puget Sound (south of Seattle), it is an anticipated event, rivaled only by the state fair. There's a wealth of fresh seafood, baked goods, artisan specialties, fresh flowers, eggs, and of course fresh fruits and vegetables.

Plant a Garden of Veggies & Herbs

Depending upon your own “green thumb,” your garden can be as simple as a potted patio tomato plant or a pot of herbs. Children love to watch their own plants grow. It also inspires their love for nature. For gardening projects you can do with your kids and a great site for fun kids' diy projects, visit the spruce.

Walk at the Park

Have a picnic. Curiously observe the wildlife. Collect leaves to identify. (Visit your local library for books on local trees, plant life, etc.)

Visit the Library

Many libraries have summer programs, especially for younger children. Nurture their love of books and reading.

Get the Kids Outside

It may be challenging to get your “tech savvy” youngster away from their favorite gadget, but it's vital to their well being that they get fresh air, are physically active and commune with nature. Here are some wonderful ways to encourage them to get connected and stay close to Mother Earth.

Make Your Own Smoothie

Kids love sweet treats- and they love to help make them- and fresh fruit makes a delicious and nutritious drink. Try our favorite berry smoothie. This easy to make breakfast smoothie is great any time of the day!

Watch a Family Movie Together

Uplifting, inspirational dramas are good for the heart and soul. Talk with your children about the movie. Ask them how they feel and what they might have done if they were the character in the show. Communication with your child is vital. Start early.

Summer is a joyous time for children. Make their moments memorable for you'll find in a blink of an eye they will be grown. Memories keep the good times alive…

For 101 more things to do with your kids this summer, visit

Children are the world’s blessing. Love them, nurture them, and be the best parent you can be.

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