Diabetes: Tipping the Scales

Diabetes: Tipping the Scales, woman on scale

I fondly recollect childhood memories of Sunday dessert; waiting anxiously with the other grandkids as we took our turn making homemade ice cream. It wasn’t long ago that sweets were common fare at most American dinner tables and diabetes was virtually unknown. Today this insidious and destructive “dis-ease,” is as common as apple pie.

Back in 2000, “Metabolic Syndrome,” (initially coined Syndrome X) was beginning to spread throughout the population. Each year I traveled from the Midwest where it had a firm hold, to the west coast where numbers were very low. In 2000 I observed approximately 1 in 10 overweight or obese people in most community settings. The number has grown steadily over the years and today the West Coast looks no different than most towns and cities across America. The metamorphosis of the American people is similar to a horror movie except this is real, it’s affecting millions and it’s taking lives.

The surge of obesity and diabetes rates continue to parallel the food industry’s race to control their “stomach shares,” as it deceptively campaigns (through ingenious media brainwashing) to manipulate the public’s demands for fat, salt & specifically sugar.

Epidemic Proportions on a Global Scale

Once considered rare, this life threatening malady is destroying families and touching the young and old alike. Globally, diabetes has reached every person who has adopted the commercial, processed food diet of the Western world. Reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. with a hefty price tag of $245 billion annually. What began as a love affair has become the world’s biggest nightmare.

Hooked and High

According to our research, sugar affects the pleasure centers of the brain and is more addictive than cocaine. Its affects undermine good health; causing nutritional wasting (starvation) often leading to diabetes and many other “dis-eases.” Similar to other addictions, processed food tricks the brain. Willpower is useless…

It's in Virtually Everything

Sugar laden industrial food has taken over 80% of the shelf space in grocery stores; creating junk food junkies while destroying the health of naive citizens. From soda to spaghetti sauce to bread, it’s everywhere and it’s making a lot of people sick. Junk food lovers are victims of the commercial food industry’s “milk cow” syndrome: you consume addictive chemicals and the addiction keeps you coming back for more. (The junk food is your feed, your addiction is their income.)

In Moderation Only

I am a self-professed health nut, although I must admit I’m no prude either. I love chocolate. Not just any chocolate though, and not every day. I choose my sugar and junk food carefully- organic, dark chocolate, preferably fair trade. I once had an unhealthy affair with chocolate chips. It was a difficult time in my life and fortunately I realized all that sugar was keeping me high yet wearing me out (ruining my health) at the same time. Due to its highly addictive nature, it’s best not consumed every day.

What Doctors Can’t Tell You

There are doctors in the medical community who are aware that Type 2 diabetes is not only preventable but safely and effectively treated as well. Why haven’t you heard of natural, safe and affordable options for healing diabetes? If everyone knew this important information, the pharmaceutical industry would lose a lot of money. In fact, some doctors have known for decades that ALL “incurable” diseases in virtually every case, can be healed safely and naturally.

If you have diabetes or are prediabetic, read my revealing article about the causes and natural treatments being used today. You'll be shocked and amazed by what some doctors know and most, can't tell you.

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