Break the Habit of Being Your (old) Self

Break the Habit of Being Your (old) Self

Why is it so hard to change old habits, especially the ones that sabotage health and happiness?

How is it some people can easily quit a bad habit, while most of us fail?

Everyone has an opinion on what we should do to change, or quit a bad habit, yet no one holds the magic key, until now…

Ready to discard self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from finding joy in life instead of complaining and feeling hopeless and depressed?

Want to know the secret that allows you to break the habit of being your (old) Self?

The secret, the magic, is changing your mind.

Literally rewiring your brain.

What happens when you change your brain?

Here's a sample of what you can expect:

Food obsessions are gone

See the sunny side of life instead of doom and gloom

Happy most of the time

Mentally clearer and decisive

More energy and zest for life

At peace and hopeful

Discover your purpose - Who you are and why you are here

And so much more...

Ready to rewire your brain? Put down the junk food, gambling or tobacco addiction? Release your addiction to negative people and drama?

It won’t be easy or comfortable, but once you make the shift, you’ll be glad you did (relieved) and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

No one book, video, or teacher fits all. Go on a treasure hunt, for that is precisely what you'll find.

Believe you can change and want it so bad that nothing or no one can stand in your way.

Re-train Your Brain and Break the Habit of Being Your (old) Self

(and be who you really are)

Tools for Skills to Change

With an open mind, listen to the following videos.

Choose one or two that you really like and listen as often as possible throughout your day. Continue each day until you see noticeable results in your life. You’ll know you’re making progress by the quality of your thoughts and how they are making you feel.

I play my favorites virtually all day. Listen with headphones whenever possible and as you're falling asleep at night.

Spend time everyday working on you. Make it a habit

and you'll be amazed at who you'll become!

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LOVE, GRATITUDE Affirmations while you SLEEP!

Listen on low volume using headphones as you fall asleep.

Leading Edge Scientists and Cultural Creatives

Help You Break the Habit of Being Yourself

Bruce Lipton

Greg Braden

Joe Dispenza

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Your Youniverse

"Whatever your mind believes becomes your life."

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